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    Cottonwood Canyon State Park

    Anyone know anything about Cottonwood Canyon State Park, east of Wasco, in Sherman County? This is the new State Park along the John Day River, just opened this past fall. On the website it discusses how biking is allowed, and there are trails along the river, both sides going downstream from the campground (both 4.3 miles), and one on the west side of the river upstream from the campground (1.5 miles). TONS more land for more trails, if allowed. This is beautiful country (except for the insane wind turbines all over the place), and you could have a fun mixed-trip fishing or hunting and biking when things are wet/snowy elsewhere. I've done a lot of chukar hunting in the general area.

    I was wondering if they did anything to try and make the park mtb friendly, consulted the mtb community at all.

    What can I do there now? | Cottonwood Canyon State Park

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    Don't know yet and I haven't been able to find out much by searching around. I might go by the park next month and check it out. If I make it there I'll post some pics and report on any trails that are there.

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    I drove through there this winter and was amazed how big and nice the park is. I am not sure how much land is available for trails because of the large amounts of private land. But more would be better and it is truly amazing country!

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