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Thread: Brock rocks!

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    meatier showers
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    Brock rocks!

    At Waldo Lake on Sept. 9, 2007. Da boy gots mad skillz.

    P.S. Rigid bike. Way to make it look easy, my friend.


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    I cleared the way for him. About 20 minutes eariler I did a face-plant endo onto the rocks he is on in the third pic.

    Good job, B-Rock F-Bomba!
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    Ya, pics don't do much justice there. I clearly remember walking that about a month and a half ago

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    Daniel the Dog
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    What is amazing!

    Is he did it on a grocery getter and not his Pack. Good riding for a DOD member Just kidding. Good guy, too.


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    Let's roll.
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    I'm now officially weak sauce.

    I could only clean the first section of it with my Pack.

    And then cleaned the rest with my feet.

    Nicely done, Brock!
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    Well, with the wave of love here I sure don't want to ruin any of it, but I cleaned it twice that day. Sort of, one had that hand dab on the rock when I took the extreme left line.

    Oh, and I watched a guy run that section on his Vanilla at about three times my speed one day.

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    Props to Brock! That is simply inspirational. That section was unthinkable for me on my last Waldo ride. You've got bigger balls than I.

    Next time I want to see you wearing the bunny suit.


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