BEND: Bike Parking @ 5/25 The Helio Sequence Concert - Tower Theatre

For those of you coming to Bend and attending The Helio Sequence show at the Tower Theatre in Bend on June 3rd...

Ride your bikes downtown, have your bike watched for free, and help support Bend's Community BikeShed!

PDXchange Program and BikeShed will cordon off all of the parking spaces immediately in front of the Tower Theatre that night and provide free, secure bike valet parking for all ticket holders during the concert.

WebCyclery offered bike parking at the Tower film premiere during Cross Nationals and even with the wicked cold it was successful. The hard working volunteers of Bend's Community BikeShed will be once again providing this service and any donations that night to the BikeShed are appreciated.

If you'd like to volunteer to help with the bike parking at The Helio Sequence show, or any other BikeShed event please contact Ben Hoover at

Thanks so much,
Henry Abel