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    Squeaky, sometimes noisy carbon 456

    Had my On One 456c for this season, got it in March. I have really enjoyed being back on a hardtail and this is a great geometry, inexpensive, light, kick ass bike.

    BUT, tis a bit noisy! When seated and climbing I get a pretty noticable crick coming from the rear. At first, I thought it was my seat....not so.

    Here's what I did next:
    -Check rear QR, retighten. Good to go
    -Check all linkages in back. This is indeed where the noise is coming from. Either where the brakes connect to the frame or where the frame corner is, this is where the noise comes from depending on whether I'm climbing and descending. I re-greased these screws, loctite, and put them back in which didn't solve the problem. I looked again and it does look like the carbon is wearing down where the screw head sits.

    What say the collective? Bike rides fine, but I'm worried those screw holes are going to wear down and eventually fail.

    For the record, I bought this bike complete from Titus USA with the X9 kit, so any over torqueing is their fault

    Open to hearing your suggestions. My initial thought was to ride it for the season then check with the factory in the fall, but wanted to see what some experts on the board think.

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    I'm clearly the only one with this sort of issue.

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    Have not experienced any creakiness with my frame and I've swapped out the rear dropouts with no special prepping other than a little Pedro's assembly lube on the bolts. It's also been ragged pretty hard for the last few years since it's my go-to bike for riding in the poor weather months.

    I'm sure you've already checked the frame for cracks but that can also be a source of creaking noises. I had some squeaking noises from a cheap QR in the past on other bikes so you might try using a completely different rear skewer or bolt-on axle to rule that out as well.

    I would definitely reach out to Titus/On-One for their feedback as well. They might have have some frame-specific guidance on things we haven't considered either.
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    Have you checked the derailleur hanger/frame interface? I would try greasing both surfaces and the bolt. I have has numerous Titus bikes and all would develop a creak there.

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    Damn creaks - they can do your head in!

    I had a 456c too and had to chase a few creaks as well but got them all in the end. My advice is to begin with the common culprits and work from there. You may end up having to completely pull apart, re-grease and re-assemble but that is the price of sanity! I must say that I never had an issue with the aluminum drop outs. Creaks are usually metal on metal and the drop outs are metal on carbon so I doubt it's them. Only culprit there could be the mounting bolts but you've greased them where they slide through the mounting plates I assume.

    Is the creak 1) constant or 2) intermittent?

    1) Constant:
    If it is constant (i.e. creaks with every pedal stroke - always on the one side) then the chances are exceptionally high that it's coming from the BB, crank arm / BB interface, Pedal spindle / Crank Arm Interface, Cassette / Freehub interface or rear QR. I always start with the easy ones (i.e. QR or Pedals) and work backwards. At a race recently I came very close to pulling out my BB but was glad I didn't as it turned out to be a tiny bit of rust on the pedal threads which caused a creak in the crank arm / pedal interface. Nine out of 10 times in my experience a creak that is constant is BB related or QR. Before you start removing cassettes and so on - borrow a rear wheel from someone and see if that makes a difference. If it does - it's your QR or cassette.

    2) Intermittent:
    Good luck. Valium?

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