• 07-21-2013
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    Scandal 29er build with Alfine 8
    Been a long time coming but finally finished my Scandal 29er build. Alfine 8 doing the gear duties laced to Stan Flow rims. Most other kit from On One. First ever bike build so pretty chuffed at result. Took it for its inaugural spin this afternoon and it didn't miss a beat.

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    Missed front suspension a bit, but not as much as I thought. Bike has been built for bikepacking duties so the rigid will be perfect for that as it will be mainly firetrail and smoothish single track.

    This is my first 29er and I was surprised how nimble the Scandal was. My two 26ers are a full suss Giant NRS Air and a Giant XTC hardtail and the Scandal felt as nimble as both. The wide Fleegle bars caused a few "near misses" but for bikepacking duties they will work fine. I'm tempted to put some narrower bars and a suspension fork on this and give it some normal riding time. It was fun !!

    Trails were pretty muddy today so was good just to get home and hose the bike down !!

    I'll post more info on the build as soon as I get my info together.'

    Cheers - Richard.:):):)
  • 07-21-2013
    I'll try and work out how to post bigger pics as well....

    (edit:worked it out...)
  • 07-21-2013
    Nice Build
  • 07-27-2013
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    Build Details
    Full details of the build for anyone that's interested....

    The Scandal 29er was built primarily for Bikepacking duties. Iíve been bikepacking with a few mates for about 6 years. Been using my old Giant NRS full suspension using an Old Man Mountain rack on the back and a dry bag strapped to the rack + 30l backpack. While on a bikepacking trip about 18 months ago a mate and I started talking about migrating to frame bags to save a bit of weight and get some weight out of our back packs as well. We needed to migrate to hard tails to fit the frame bags so talk turned to building up bikepacking specific bikes. 29ers seemed the obvious choice as most of our bikepacking is on fire trail or reasonably smooth double track. Enjoying the planning stage we then also thought why not go Internal Gear Hubs as well as they are a bit less susceptible to damage when youíre a fair way from any assistance.

    Thatís about when our paths started to separate. My mate built up a Singular Swift steel frame with a Rolhoff hub, (he had a bit more cash than me to spend !!). I had to go a bit more of a budget rout so went the On One Scandal / Alfine 8 option. We did a fair bit of internet research at the time and my main inspiration for my build was Vikís Scandal build, (thanks Vik !!). So the fun began.

    Placed orders on On One in UK and box arrived. I would have liked to buy the raw frame and make the bike up with black parts, but On One had a screamer of a deal on the green frames at the time that I couldnít refuse. They also seemed to have a screamer of a deal on all their red anodised parts, (seat stem, & bars), so I thought Iíd make a statement and go the green, red and black colour scheme. Actually doesnít look too bad when all finished and saved me a fair bit of cash.

    Rims were then ordered from Wiggle, the Alfine 8 hub from Germany, spokes and nipples from US and some other bits and pieces from other internet shops, (see full build spread sheet below). Then started to pull it together. I have never built a bike or wheels so it was an interesting (and slow) journey.

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    Wheels first. Purchased Stanís Flow rims as they seem a good option for bikepacking and wider tyres. As above I had never built a wheel before and itís a bit of a daunting task before you get into it, but by doing some internet reading and taking my time it went fairly smoothly. I think the secret is taking your time, (and donít drink beer at during the lacing stage !!), I downloaded Roger Mussinís book and used that as my primary instructions. He explains it pretty well. Two other resources I read through was Sheldonís wheel building page as well as Mike Tís Wheelbuilding page.

    All the ingredients ready.
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    Old Cro-Mo Shogun MTB frame used as truing stand. Worked pretty well.

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    3 cups used as dishing guide. Again worked pretty well (hi-tech!!).

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    Wheels done, phew !! Now start to put it together.

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    I must admit cutting that steerer tube was stressful... No going back !!

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    I had planned on buying a Fusion X suss fork and running front suspension. I changed to a rigid fork for a few reasons:

    - Cost was starting to get up there and I wanted to try and keep it down around the $1700 mark.
    - Mate had put a steel rigid fork on his frame arguing that for bikepacking duties a rigid fork should be OK, and saves some weight.
    - I had to place another order with On One for some final bits and pieces so thought Iíd save some postage by grabbing the On One carbon fork at the same time.

    Worse comes to worse I can always move to a suss fork later if needed.

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    XT Brakes. Install was pretty simple.

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    On One Chunky Monkey on front and Smorgasbord on back.

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    Finally finished last weekend. Taken it for two rides and it worked well. Alfine hasn't missed a beat. This is my first time on a 29er and I have been surprised. It's very nimble. Taking it through tight single track that I ride a fair bit on my 26ers and it feels pretty much the same. Points really well.

    Weighed it roughly using the bathroom scale method and it came in a tad under 13kg. Itís got tubes in it at the moment so I thought this wasn't too bad. The On One tyres are not super light so fairly happy with sub 13kg (28.6 lbs).

    Final cost was about $A1650 for material and about $A1850 when delivery added. If you ordered as much as you can from one source and got free shipping youíd save a lot of that delivery costs. I think On One now offer free delivery to OZ once you get over a certain amount so Iím sure you could save a fair bit off the delivery costs now if doing it in Aus. Full details of all parts, where I got them and costs attached below.

    Unfortunately I will not be able to test it out bikepacking for a while yet. Got a 3 day trip booked for Early December up into the Jagungal Wilderness in Australiaís alpine region so that will probably be its first outing unless I can sneak away before hand for a quick overnighter. Hope you enjoyed the build summary. :thumbsup:

    Cheers Ė Richard.
  • 07-27-2013
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    Costs and where the bits came from...
    Costs and sources below. I can post the actual spreadsheet if anyone needs it:

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    First build so pretty chuffed. Had a big smile on my face as I took it for a spin this arvo. Well done On One. Some great kit !!

  • 07-27-2013
    Wow, great write up.
  • 07-28-2013
    Well done! Really makes me want to pursue the Alfine too.
  • 07-28-2013
    Scandal 29er build with Alfine 8
    Very nice bike! I also have considered the Alfine 8 for bikepacking. Seems like a great idea. I just haven't gotten past the weight vs. simplicity/reliability factor. What are your thoughts on this?
  • 07-28-2013
    Weight? I've taken it for two decent rides in the past week and really didn't get any feeling that the weight was an issue. Maybe you feel a bit that there is a bit more weight in the back and the front is fairly light, (though the carbon rigid fork of course mean a lightish front end), but for Bikepacking duties it should be fine. To be honest I'm really tempted to put a front suspension fork on and some narrower bars and ride it "normally" for a while. My other two bikes are an older 26er Giant NRS carbon full suss and a 26er Giant XTC hardtail and the 29er Scandal with the Alfine feels pretty similar to both. Not exactly the same of course but no massive differences, (I'm not an aggressive rider though,. Maybe if you were riding them aggressively you'd feel more difference). The Alfine is smooth and quiet and the Scandal fun to ride so I don't really want to put it back in the shed yet and relegate it for bikepacking duties before I have a bit more fun.

    Having said that, I've only got two rides under my belt and no bikepacking yet so others with more longer term experience may have more info.

    I did find this post interesting though in that the weight difference in pulling off a standard triple derailleur set up and putting on an Alfine was pretty much neutral, though the weight does become a lot more focused in one point. Alfine weight.

    The good thing about the Alfine 8 is that at $240 for all the bits it's a reasonably cheap experiment, (unlike a Rolhoff !!). Worse comes to worse I can pull it out of the wheel and sell it, though at the moment I'm very happy the way it came out and how it's riding.

    Cheers - Richard.
  • 11-27-2013
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    Took bike for it maiden bikepack weekend
    Took the Scandal 29er out last weekend on its first overnight bikepacking duties.

    Was very impressed. The 29er is perfect for soaking up the miles on firetrail. The Alfine 8 worked great as well. I was very happy with how the bike performed. At one stage I jumped onto a mates 26er Giant Hardtail and riding that for 10 mins really reinforced how good the 29er with an IGH was for that sort of riding. Some pics of the set up:

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    Alpkit 20 ltr double ended dry bag strapped to bars, 13 ltr strapped under seat, Jandd half frame bag and handlebar bag.

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    Front view of 20 litre bag

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    Back view of 13 litre bag.

    I also carried a 30 litre pack though didn't have too much in it.

    The Alpkit heavy duty dry bags are great value and work really well.

    Was very happy with how the bike and packing kit performed.

  • 11-27-2013
    PS: built bike up with a 20T cog. For the ride last weekend I wacked on a 22T COG that I purchased on Ebay. Was pleased I did as I needed the low end. 32/22 seemed pretty perfect for where we were riding with gear loaded.
  • 11-27-2013
    Scandal 29er build with Alfine 8
    Great bike and nice bikepacking setup!

    I have a black SS Scandal with a rigid carbon fork and a slot-dropout steel 29er Inbred that's getting an Alfine 8 conversion right now.

    What chain did you use, and did you use Nexus or Alfine cogs (or are they the same)?
  • 11-28-2013

    I use a standard 9 speed Shimano XTR/Dura Ace chain. Is working fine.

    The Nexus and Alfine cogs are the same. I was using a 20t Alfine cog that I bought when I bought the Alfine. I then bought a 22t COG on ebay. Alfine/Nexus cogs are compatible with any Sturmey Archer or SRAM IGH cogs which is great. Sturmey Archer cogs are pretty cheap. Ebay shop where I got mine is below:

    Sturmey Archer COG Sprocket 13T 14T 15T 16T 17T 18T 19T 20T 21T 22T Alfine Nexus | eBay

    The ebay cog seems a lot more robust than the shimano one I started with. A bargain as well plus postage to OZ was pretty cheap.

    Hope this helps.

  • 12-24-2014
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    quick over nighter...
    Took the Scandal out for a quick overnighter weekend before last. Into the Australian Alpine Region. Only had time for a quick one night getaway but forgot how fun the Scandal is. I think I'll swap the carbon rigid fork for a suspension fork though so I can take it out more. Was build for bikepacking but riding it again over the weekend reminded me I needed to get it out more. A suss fork will help.

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    time for a rest...

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    Valentines River