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    On-one inbred bottom bracket issues (BRAND NEW FRAME)

    Anyone else experience issues when installing the bottom bracket cups? Drive side went in perfect, non-drive side got stuck only about 1/4 of the way in. Only tried installing with my hand so no tools and it looked like the cup was going in crooked. Measured the exposed threads and it was in fact going in crooked. Took the frame to my local bike shop and they said that they need to chase the threads because there was excess paint build up in them. I'm really hoping that this will fix the problem but kind of sucks I need to spend more money on a new frame. The local bike shop also said that this could be a manufacturer defect so anyone work with on-one on warranty claims?

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    I have built up about half a dozen steel frames, including an On-One Pompino, three Surlys, two Somas, and a Pake. with every frame, I always chase and face the BB, ream and face the head tube, face the disc tabs if it's a disc-brake bike, and treat the inside of the tubes with Frame Saver. it sucks but it's part of owning a new frame.

    if the shop just had to chase some paint out of the BB, that sounds reasonable.

    Surly does a pretty good job of spelling this out to their customers- Care and Feeding of Your Steel Frame | Spews | The Information Hole | Surly Bikes

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    Yup, chasing and facing the the BB shell and facing the headtube are a common thing to do to new frames.

    Some manufacturers do this on their frames by default, but especially with cheap frames don't expect it.

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    I really wish frame would come from the factory with this done. I know it might make the frame cost $2 more!

    I recently overhauled a friend's old alu hardtail and when I pulled the BB and measured the shell, it was 75mm instead of 73. that's a lot of pain I had to face off!

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    I too bought the inbred frame because it was a smoking deal at under 300 bucks with shipping. Unfortunately, I too had bottom bracket thread issues. I ended up investing in a chase and was able to clean up the threads. The chase will come in handy as I have other steel frames. I was pretty shocked at how much I had to clean the threads. It was more than just a chase. There was significant debris and resistance to cutting. Now that all is cleaned though, it seems to be fine.

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