Is anyone using this combo? I'm planning to (anodized black frame with the Vanna White fork, in case anyone was wondering about my aesthetic choices) and just wanted to gauge some opinions on the handling. I have been on a Karate Monkey the past four years, riding it rigid/SS.

Geometry wise, the HA and StA are the same as the KM, On One geo charts indicate a sagged 80mm fork (470mm AtoC) for the scandal. 470mm on the Niner fork with 45mm offset vs 468 and 43 for the KM. I think the Niner/Scandal will be very similar handling, aside from the 13mm longer chain stays.

With very similar geo, I think the transition should be very easy asked on my research. Asking more as a final data call than anything else.

Later on down the road, I'll add a Fox 80mm fork (44mm offset) and a SS rear wheel. Will afford me plenty of versatility.

I'll shed a tear or two the day I sell my KM (great bike) but smile big dropping 3-5lbs from my current bike weight.