So A few month ago I picked up one of the swap out versions of the steel inbred 29er frames. Size small for my 5'9" frame. I have slowly been building and transfering parts of other bikes. Finally done and out riding. The build and Pics are in the Inbred build topic.

The highlights, Crossmax wheels, 120 MM Marz Corsa SL 44, XTR cranks, shifter, mech (1x10), Hope M4 Pro brakes on 160s.

To frame, this is my first 29 or HT. Been riding 26/160s for a few years now in rocky AZ.. Been MTBing for more than 20 years.

I saw this build as a bit of an experiment. I am kinda tired of all the fussing around with FS bikes and the disconnected feel. Could my old body ride a 29 HT?? The answer, a resounding yes, and have alot of fun doing it.

After talking with Shiggy, the small seemed the direction because I wanted to make sure it was playful. I added the 120 to get it laid back a bit for the downs. As built the HA is 69. The bike is an absolute riot to ride. Really well balanced with excellent cornering and climbing grip. The head doesnt wander. I was really worried about having this lethargic dead feeling bike. Nope. I can manual, wheelie and jump this bike super easy.

Since I have not ridden an AL HT, it is difficult to comment on the steel. That said, I really like the feel of the fram. Feel compliant without feeling dead. It is not as snappy in acceleration as I would like, but very analog feeling and I dig that. The ride is much better than I expected also.

I can ride this bike so much faster than I thought I would be able to, even though rough sections of trail. Totally shocked.

But the best part is the cornering and feel for the trail. This bike is always talking to you and the cornering grip and response is really really good. It is nice to remove the condom called suspension.

This frame is wonderful. Fun to ride, good to look at and a great value.