• 12-05-2012
    Kaffelback disc fork on Pompetamine?
    So getting a bit tired waiting for the Pompetamine forks to become availible, and was wondering, would the Kaffenback fork work on the pompetamine frame?
    I intend to use the bike as a SSCX

    only difference I can see is, the Pomp fork AC lenght is 390mm and the
    kaffenback is 400mm, will 10mm make a big difference?

    On-One Pompetamine 2012 Fork
    Planet X Kaffenback 2011 Fork
  • 12-06-2012
    I'm currently running the Kaffenback disc fork on my pompetamine and it runs perfectly fine. Can't comment on the 10mm of difference though.
  • 12-06-2012
    10mm is pretty minimal and they have the same offset, so I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use the Kaffenback fork. It will handle a bit less lively (the 10mm adds a tiny bit of trail), but I can't imagine it would be significant.