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    Just ordered an inbred, rear hub and fit question??

    Hey all, I had a bunch of parts lying around in my basement, enough to build a bike sans frame and fork. Wanted to do an SS and had 26" wheels, someone suggested the inbred. I'd seen them online and always though they were cool.

    Last night I was drinking and bought a 16" one off planet X. I'd normally get the 18" but they were out. I'm 5'11" with 31" inseam (book and tape measure method) and grew up with BMX. SEEMED reasonable last night that the reach posted is very close to my FS bke (santa cruz 5010) and it's an SS so I'm gonna be standing most of the time anyway. Am I totally off and gonna be gorilla on a tricycling it?

    Another question, my SS bikes have always had paragon sliders. I did not notice that the inbred is a simple slot and have no clue how the rear wheel and brake will even work, haha! (Don't drink and buy bikes)

    This may seem like a really boneheaded question, but I did a search before posting and only found some info about chain tugs but not about the attachment options themselves.

    The rear hub I have is a hope pro II. It's currently set up for 12mm bolt on through axle, will this work at all with inbred or is the axle too big? I can convert it to standard QR, but how will that attach at all and stay in place?

    And how in god's name will the brake caliper be in the right position relative to the rotor/wheel??

    Once again, forgive the basic nature of these questions. I'm continuing to look around the internet but if someone can type up easy explanations I would be extremely grateful.

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    I believe I've answered all of my own questions, but for reference if someone else is searching for stuff and for a sanity check.

    Yes, use a bolt on rear thru axle just like my old SS roadie. Dropouts are standard 10mm so I'll need to use a 12mm axle that steps down to 10mm at the ends. Luckily someone makes exactly that

    Sun Ringle Rear Conversion Axle 2013 | Chain Reaction Cycles

    Chain tug. May or may not be necessary depending on how well the bolts keep stuff in place. I never needed one on the roadie but it's not a horrible idea and they're cheap anyway. This one comes with a bottle opener as a bonus:

    Small Parts | Parts and Accessories | Surly Bikes

    Brake caliper mounting is slotted. That means if the wheel ever moves the brake might need to be re-adjusted. That might be a PITA if a trailside tire change has to happen....

    Just ordered an inbred, rear hub and fit question??-inbred-clearance1_zps6e166d68.jpg

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