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    Changes to the inbred?

    I was in debate over the inbred vs the evo vs the 456 and I decided to go with the inbred mostly cause I'm a wheels generally on the ground kinda guy and the extra set of bottle bosses on the seat tube appealed to my sensibilities. However, it looks like the new 26" Inbred is getting similar to the old 456. They seem to have done away with the seat tube bottle bosses and it looks a little beefed up.

    Can anyone confirm the changes?



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    I've put this together from other posts. The swapout frame still has 2 water bottle cages - at least the 29er does.

    ***archived info***
    I believe a quick identification of the later models is done by seeing if it has 3 hose mountings on the top tube, more indepth: measure the top tube diameter

    if it's 28.6mm diameter, it's 100
    if it's 31.8mm diameter its 130

    I think the original Inbred in 853, Ti and DN6 all for 100mm forks
    The revised inbred DN6, (some in 853?) 100mm forks
    Inbred 456 DN6 (and 853?) 100-130mm forks
    Inbred sliding dropouts 100-130mm forks.


    1. Started as ss only frame with horizontal track ends and canti mounts, in 853.
    2. 2nd generation was 'DN6' Chromoly
    3. after a little while it became available with vertical dropouts (2001, my 1st)
    4. and then Ti with vertical dropouts or EBB, as limited numbers
    5. Then a DN6 EBB. I got on great with mine, and nearly regret selling it even after I'd crashed and bent it.
    6. then things get more hazey as the 456 is launched (04/05 at a guess).
    7. But then inbred become uprated to longer forks and the afore mentioned sliding drops - one frame for gears or SS. Other changes: larger diameter top tube and bridgeless chainstays. Heavier too, and IMHO, just not as good to ride. 2006?
    8. An 853 version of this frame, 07? Summer season frames might have been started about this time too.
    9. Then to save costs, the frames use a disc compatible track end for gears or ss. Prices became lower than ever. 07 too I think.
    10. Think it's roughly the same today, but with more colours?

    Jan 13 2011 from OnOne site
    Swap-Outs are getting put onto the Inbred 26er and 29er Frames and here's the first sample for your delectation. The all time classic On-One XC steel frame is becoming more versatile in it's 3rd generation, with a replaceable gear hanger and drop-outs to run geared or single speed without a chain tensioner. We're planning an 11 speed Alfine Inbred which is completely gonna rock....
    Both the 26 and 29 are getting V-Brakes and Disc compatibility. They will also have full rack mounts and split down tube cable runs for easy cleaning.

    Aug 26 2010 from OnOne site
    The all time classic On-One steel frame is tweaked up and back for another round. The frame that started it all, Inbred has become a cult classic, finding it's way into touring, expedition, hybrid and even bike polo use in addition to the off road cross country riding that it was originally designed for.

    A short travel custom butted cro-mo frame that will never let you down, the Inbred's tried and tested geometry has also gone on to be used in our Scandal alloy and carbon Whippet frames. But the legendary ride quality of steel is still unbeatable in many ways taking the knocks with ease and giving just the right amount of stiffness, spring and damping.

    We've refreshed the Inbred 26 and 29inch frames for 2010 but what is different on the new models? On-One designer Stevo Olsen gives us the low down:
    Q: Tell us about the Inbred, Stevo. What makes it so popular?
    A: Inbred started life as a simple single speed and gear friendly frame and has become our most versatile frame. Our customers ran it with Rolhoff and Alfine hub gear systems. 29er Slot drop-out Inbreds were turned into Monster Cross bikes. We added disc brakes inside the rear triangle so that panniers can be run no issues. And at the end of the day the Inbred will take on any short travel steel frame on the market and pass with flying colours!

    Q: How do you go about refreshing a classic?
    A: The Inbred needed changing for CEN so we added some new features at the same time as changing the top tube butting. Here are the new refinements:

    * Taperlock (TM) reardropouts:
    No need to use chaintugs when using bolt up Singlespeed wheels. These can still be run with the QR on the inside of the frame.
    * Down tube cable run:
    The Brake and the gear cables all run down the DT now. The gear cables are now split for easy maintenance and as a bonus it now has a clean look and NO cables under the top tube, so it is easier to lift over fences...

    * Rear Brake mounts changed to fit more brakes:
    Avid BB7's still do not fit with 160mm rotors but almost every other brake caliper now works fine.
    * Rack Mounts:
    All 26ers have the rack mounts on the yoke. All 29ers have the rack mounts on the seatstays.

    * Massive mud clearance:
    The Rear mech cable shaves across the inside of the chainstay, giving more mud clearance.

    Q: Sounds good. When can we expect the new frames?
    A: Slot drop-out Inbred's in red and "Sterling Moss" green are due at the beginning of October but the pre-order offer is open now!

    The problem with BB7's is that they're quite bulky and the arm fouls the seatstay even when the caliper is as far forward as it can go. You could use the vertical drop out Inbred with V-brakes or canti's on the rear and a BB7 on the front (where most of the stopping power comes from...). It is a shame and we will do our best to get BB7's working next time.

    the 18" 29er frame weighs in at just over 5.5 lbs. The CEN advancements have added about 0.5 pounds to the weight.

    On the subject of cabling, Simon, we reckon that bare cabling is easier to lube and clean. The tube diameters are the same apart from the top tube which has been reinforced, now allowing safe usage of 120mm travel forks (any longer and you'd be better with a 456). We are still continuing with the vertical drop-out Inbred for those who either want to run V-brakes or have no intention of going single speed ever that's a better option.

    Oct 28 2010 from OnOne site

    New Inbred Vertical Dropout Frame

    The original (and many would say best) On-One looked briefly like it may have been axed due to a new, tougher CEN test that the original version failed. But never beaten, Stevo went back to the drawing board and re-designed the top tube with a very slightly larger diameter steel. Now it not only passes the CEN, it passes with 120mm forks too, meaning you can safely thrash around on longer travel forks, not that we've ever had any problems with the old model... bloody Brussels bureaucrats!!!

    Slot drop out Inbreds are now in stock and as of today the classic vertical drop-out models are available for pre-order, with delivery expected early December. Though our slot drop-out frames are best if single speed compatibility is a must, the vertical drop-out frames are the ones to choose if you are running standard derailleur gears. And we've frozen the price at a very tempting 164.99 to boot!

    I wouldn't worry to be honest. The CEN classification changed recently which meant we had to change the Inbred top tube slightly by using a very slightly larger diameter steel. In real terms there is very little difference between your frame and the new CEN approved version.

    Feb 7 2012 from OnOne site
    Fast forward lots of years, and we're back to making white inbreds again. Not all of them, but just our favourite classics. The Singlespeed 29er and Geared 26in Inbred are available in White again. And there are some new old favourites back. The Slot Dropout 29er reappears, and a new "vertical only" 29er frame for people that don't want to do anything other than fit things and ride.

    This is the vertical drop-out 26in version, for riders who intend to run a derailleur gear transmission. Cable routing is for fully-enclosed cables to keep out the horrid British muck. Or whatever local horrid muck you want to exclude. Huge mud room and chainring clearance stops things getting claggy.

    The Inbred is designed for contemporary forks with up to 120mm travel and disc brakes.

    Our Inbred 29er gives the steel hardtail a new turn of speed and an extra dose of comfort and fun! Ride it rigid with our carbon fork for the ultimate precision trail weapon. Ride it with suspension for a plush magic carpet ride with hardtail kick and power.
    Gains an ISCG tab for 2012.

    All new and back to our roots. A true Singlespeed frame, this time for BIG wheels.

    No 650B halfway house - this is full bore 29in goodness.

    Big wheels roll faster over lumpy ground, that's a scientific fact. Our Inbred 29er gives the steel hardtail a new turn of speed and an extra dose of comfort and fun! Ride it rigid with our carbon fork for the ultimate precision trail weapon. Ride it with suspension for a plush magic carpet ride with hardtail kick and power.

    Mar 12 2007 from OnOne site
    We have complete 26in and 29in bikes being shipped out of Taiwan right now.

    Final spec is:-

    Brand new 2008 slot dropout frame, with disc brake mounted inside the rear triangle. DN6 chromoly double butted tubing. Frame has full gear routing and mech hanger (removable with hacksaw for SS nazis)
    on-one Superlight Carbon fork
    Avid Juicy 3 disc brakes
    Mary bar and on-one 3d forged stem
    9spd cassette rear hub with SS converter kit for easy upgrade to gears
    Truvativ GXP crankset
    29er :: Kenda Nevegal tyres
    26er :: Kenda Bluegroove
    29er :: Sand colour
    26er :: 456 "that blue" colour
    Ladybird Bell

    Oct 2 2009 from OnOne site
    Inbred Steel V Brake Mountain Bike from 649

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