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    We all know the Tooth Fairy has GPS...

    But my kid was taking NO chances!
    "We LOVE cows! They make trails for us.....

    And then we eat them."

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    passed out in your garden
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    Hehehe, cool
    always mad and usually drunk......

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    Ha,ha that's hilarious.
    Quote Originally Posted by WHALENARD View Post
    No way man! The great Vans debate of 18 was epic!

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    The tooth fairy should have left a note asking where the tooth is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus View Post
    There's some strange folk out there 'bouts. They have no sense of humor.
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    I didn't do it
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    Totally cool. I like his attention to detail and thoroughness. He's going places in life!
    Let's eat Ted
    Let's eat, Ted
    Remember, commas save lives

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    Your kid was thinking, bring on the cash!!!

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