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    Want to switch focus of study.

    Been doing IT stuff for many years and taking classes all while working a landscaping job for the past 5 years, getting into camping, cycling, and trail work.

    I dread a sedentary job. I want to stay outside!

    Trying to get an idea of majors that involve the great outdoors. Off the top of my head I know

    Outdoor education
    Natural resource management

    That's honestly all I can think of.

    Whatchu know?!

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    Not sure what the degree is, but they offer one here that gets you a job with the state/fed as a park ranger. Spend a while at an armpit park, eventually work your way up to a nice job with free housing on the park property. Wish I'd have known about it back when I was making bad decisions about my future.

    FWIW, riding helps with the sedentary job, but I've always been grouchy about drawing a line in the sand between work and personal time.
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    Working outside would be great, I work indoors and believe me I wish I could be outside every day. I don't have any specific suggestions on choice of major but its probably worth pointing out that outdoor jobs like resource management are government jobs. And with the new budget realities I'm guessing most natural resources departments are cutting back. I know they are where I live. Also consider that some of the other areas you're thinking about tend to be in the lower end of the pay scale. Keep in mind that in the near term that may not be a big deal but trust me as you get older money will become a much bigger concern.

    That being said if you want to try forestry (which can be a very nice career) then get into a school with a good forestry program. Before applying it might be worth seeing if there are internships or other extracurricular training opportunities available through their forestry dept. These can be tough jobs to get so you have to find some way to get your foot in the door.

    Anyhow, good luck on finding a major that suits you. Its a big decision.

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    I would have a tough time recommending a person go into debt for any of the degrees you are seeking. The job market just isn't robust enough. If you can earn one of those degrees without much debt, then go for it. Otherwise, I'd proceed with caution.

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    Currently I am working in the Horticultural Sciences Dept at UMN. There are many students here interested in food systems (mainly organic farming), the floral industry, turfgrass science, viticulture and apple production, urban landscaping, proteomics and metabolomics, and photobiology. It's possible I missed a couple options. There are many possibilities to find a well paying job with the knowledge and experience the dept has to offer. However, this does not mean you will be outside in sun. Do some more research into specific fields of study where you know you will outside. Having said that, you should be aware of the cost of attaining the degree and the estimated payout. Good luck!
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    Not to sound like a fuddy-duddy but I am 31 and was in the same boat as you in my early 20's, landscaping and loving exertion and the outdoors. Getting degrees from state school in Computer Science and Economics was one of the smartest things I ever did. Jobs are abundant and pay well, I can work multiple jobs at once or make my own hours or work from anywhere. Just be mindful that your body will slow down as you age and day in and day out physical work won't be as attractive when you hit 30, much less 50. I know it is hard to see beyond the great feelings of youth but be aware that you have 40+ more years of work ahead of you.

    That said, If you give it your all, play it smart and make sacrifices you can have an awesome life doing anything really.

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