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    Very cool video made with instagram photos from strangers

    Take a look at this. Very high marks for creativity and production value.

    Filmmaker Creates a Time-Lapse Using 852 Instagram Photos Taken by Strangers

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    ^That was like being "all high". Just ask Net.

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    I had a headache until I watched that, I'm cured!
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    That made me dizzy.
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    Love it... creativity spawned from a lack of creativity.

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    Maybe it's not a pure time-lapse, yet thought the effect was pretty cool.
    Found reading the comments funny, and LOL'd at people that actually think he "stole" the 582 photos.
    Really, they must be kidding, or a bunch of overly possessive & narcissistic azzmonkey's.
    He created something from a bunch of people's crappy camera phone pics, that they chose to post, and be filtered by Instagram.

    Hey, Ansel Adams... Guess what? By doing so, you no longer own it!

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