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    Too much Leftovers! what to do with it?

    So i have way too much turkey left over as well as tons of other food. What do you plan to do with your left overs, sandwiches, recipes etc?

    Personally ill be making a turkey korma curry.

    also being from England ill be making bubble and squeak.
    for those that do not know what that is:
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    I make mean turkey curry... Gonna have to wait til Christmas tho, I am away working over this holiday...
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    Stick it all between the Bread slices of your choice.....and Bob's yur Uncle.. whippty snap.

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    I will make some sandwiches then freeze the rest for
    another day.

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    Turkey enchiladas. Mmmmmmmmmm!
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    Too much Leftovers! what to do with it?

    Quote Originally Posted by BigRingGrinder View Post
    Turkey enchiladas. Mmmmmmmmmm!
    Why did I not think of Mexican.

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    I've got a neighbor who is just skating by, and he really appreciates the drumsticks & wings. No one I eat with likes dark meat anyways.

    (Ok, guys, have fun with THAT post)
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    I am making a turkey pot pie/turkey n' dumplings hybrid dish tomorrow on.. you guessed it.. The big green egg!
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