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Thread: Silent Velcro

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    Silent Velcro

    I knew there was a way special forces are trained to open velcro so you can't hear the tearing sound. and i must say it works! I tried it at work a few times and sure enough, non of my co-workers could hear it!

    Tactical Velcro Opening Secret-Special Forces - YouTube

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    LOL Now that's good.
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    I used to do the same thing at the movies when I was opening a beer I snuck in.

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    I thought for sure he was going to open fire with a

    I use muzzle flash when I need a flashlight..;^P

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHALENARD View Post
    No way man! The great Vans debate of 18 was epic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishful Tomcat View Post
    I used to do the same thing at the movies when I was opening a beer I snuck in.
    I'll go to a movie with you.

    btw, why do people go around with a bluetooth firmly planted in their ear?

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    ^ Blue toofs are modern day ear rings. Around here they seem to be some sort of fashion accessory or status symbol.
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    This is what the guy in garden state patented?
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