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    NUTRO poison dog food

    I have used this product for decades but for 2013 the formula is different. ALL I have talked to who have bought the 'NEW & IMPROVED' formulas are reporting ill dogs. 1 cup killed Gypsy in 1 1/2 days, much faster than I had time to understand what was happening and my girlfriend is a nurse. Waiting for medical evidence, which will take time. Requested all major pet chains to remove this from their store shelves, no response so far.
    If your pets are not eating or getting sick return it to the store and complain to the manager.
    My vet bill for 1 day is $2357 and I don't even get to bury Gypsy as a necropsy (dog autopsy, $419) has been ordered for more evidence. Only ashes.
    If you have seen problems please contact the FDA, Food and Drug Administration at 888-723-3366. The more complaints they get the faster and stronger thay will react.
    Gypsy was a 4 1/2 year old, 60 pound pit mix that had never been sick. I found her at Fantasy Island MTB park as an abandoned 3 1/2 month old puppy abandoned for the coyotes to eat. She loved to run trails with my bike, swam no matter what the weather and was the friendliest of dogs.
    Look at this site for more insight; 1,304 Complaints and Reviews about Nutro Pet Foods

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    Interesting and very sad to hear about your dog.

    We used to use Nutro Max for our dogs. We had been using it for a long time until sometime last fall when we noticed their coats getting dull and a couple of other things that didn't seem right. My wife called Nutro and they confirmed a formula change, so we switched to Iams after that one bag of food. Their coats came back and the other symptoms went away, so it's definitely the food.

    Apparently, something else got added to affect as many dogs as seriously as people are reporting on the Consumer Affairs site.

    Wow... I guess we're lucky we caught it as quickly as we did!

    I just posted this on FB to get the word out to my pet loving friends.
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    San Diego company. I have a friend that used to babysit for the owner of Nutro's family . They are good people and very humble. I am sure it was an honest oversight if the food was actually bad. I am so sorry to hear about your dog. That is terrible. Sad.

    Hmm...looked at the reviews and was surprised to see so many neg reviews. Not good..

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    Please accept my condolences for your loss. I know from personal experience it can be very hard.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    But this is a way Off Topic thread for Passion...I am moving to Off Camber.

    It will get heavy traffic word of this will spread fast.

    - CHUM
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    Sorry to hear this. R.I.P. Gypsy.
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    absolutely devastating to hear about your dog Gypsy. I remember buying a bag of Nutro for my dog a few years back. She would not even eat it, so I tossed it out. She has since passed, but she was always an Iams dog, she loved that sh*t...

    I hope you can get some answers and the best conclusion possible. Good luck..
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    Devastating. Pets are not replaceable.

    Was Nutro part of the melamine recall a few years ago? There's some serious global problems with the food supply chain for both animals and humans and after the fiasco in Europe, it just doesn't look like we are even close to figuring out a solution for safer eating.

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    sorry for your loss. my wife's a vet and has not seen any sort of patterns in her own patients with anything food related recently. of course, until this week most of her clients couldn't afford to do any tests for much of anything. I doubt many of them bought Nutro food, for that matter. I think even Nutro would have been above their budget.

    we have been lucky. the dog food we buy has not had any contamination/recall problems since we've owned our dogs. we buy California Naturals lamb and rice because it's the cheapest food we can find with absolutely zero chicken, since we have a dog with a chicken allergy. it's still fairly expensive. but the ingredient list is very short, which is great when you're dealing with food allergies.

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    Re: NUTRO poison dog food

    That is so sad, sorry to hear of this.

    I only feed my dogs Wysong, human grade organic ingredients, made in the US, no advertising budget. No cancers either.
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    Abe, Sorry for your loss, thanx for spreading the word.

    Nate, I've been switching every few months from Royal Canine, Innova, and Wellness. I feel like what one food is lacking, another one is not. It's amazing how one food will make him smell better, one will keep his teeth cleaner, while another will make his coat shinnier, etc. As well, the last time i checked, they're all usda approved, not just aafco or whatever the letters are for dog foods.
    Wellness has different blends like duck, turkey, venison, fish, etc. They also have a line of food called Simple, which has limited ingredients for dogs with allergies.
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    Sorry for your loss.
    If it turns out to be the dog food for sure, sue the crap out of them.
    I know it doesn't replace your dog but hopefully you can cover your expenses and get a little retribution on top of it.

    Also make sure you save the remaining dog food. It may be needed for testing.
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    Very sorry for your loss...I and especially my kids would be devastated if we lost our dog. Such a member of the family.

    If anyone is looking for a good high quality pet food try Wellness. My dog has something similar to what we know as Failure to thrive. We had him on Science Diet and he was losing weight awfully. We called Wellness ,because they are a local company to us, and talked to their customer service. They took our number and said someone would call back. Wellness's own vet called us back and asked for our dogs vet file. Our vet faxed it to him and he determined what food profile would be best. Since then our dog has gained weight, is more alert and as happy as ever. We were very impressed with them.

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    NUTRO poison dog food

    Awesome story of customer service, metalhack.
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    Sorry for your tragic loss.
    I actually bought dog food tonight on the way home from work. I ended up at a feed store that I've never been in. Luckily they carried the one I usually get, Call Of The Wild. They use all naturals meats and is grain free. I have never used Nutra but I remember seeing a sign out front that said $10 off Nutra dog food. So now after seeing this thread,I wonder if this sale was prompted from these problems.
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    Man, I don't even know what to say ... When our dog was a pup, it got into my wife's thyroid prescription, and I actually cried while the dog was at the vet's office ... Thought it was going to die.
    I can kind of imagine how you must feel.
    Stay strong, our thoughts are with you.

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    Damn... I am so sorry for your loss, but THANK YOU so much for starting this thread. My sister's dog suddenly became ill this week and stopped eating and drinking altogether. She took her to the vet a couple of days ago and was told that she had a liver infection. She readily ate the wet food they gave her. I made the connection this morning and then asked my sister what brand of dog food she was feeding her dogs... I hope to god we caught it in time.

    p.s. I sent this thread to her so she can look into it and contact the FDA if this is indeed the cause of the illness.

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    I'm going to need to look into this. I have been feeding my dog Nutro for the three years I have had him. The dog breeder said she would guarantee the dog's health ONLY if I fed him Nutro, so that is what he has been eating. I haven't noticed any problems, but I will keep an eye out. I just bought him $70 of food this week.
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