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    We saw 'Edge of Seventeen', it was a good date night movie. It's obviously about a 17 year old going thru 17 year old issues, but it's not like 'American Pie' raunchy or anything (not that i mind that). It stars the girl who was in the 'True Grit' remake.

    Forgot to add: her interactions in class with her teacher, played by Woody Harrelson are gold.

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    I watched The Mechanic: Resurrection, a recent Jason Statham Redbox release. Some of the reviews are pretty scathing, but it's a typical JS escapist flick, with beautiful scenery and Jessica Alba in a bathing suit. Or is that redundant?

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    Arrival. It was interesting. You'd probably have to like sci fi though. the less you read about it going in, the more interesting it'll probably be for you.

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