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    Happy Birthday Baitbucket !

    Today is Baitbuckets Birthday !!

    I'll pick him up from school today and then drive the 2+ hours home, Where he'll have a friend over for a birthday party tonight.

    Mom and I made him a cake lastnight ( I make his cake every year)
    He wanted a Super Mario theme.

    He's 12 today... I've reminded him, that in a year he'll be rotten teenager. But scratch the rotten.... He's the best !

    Happy Birthday Son !!

    tomorrow morning he'll want to see the Caterday gifs. He loves those.
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    He looks like a happy kid!
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    Wow, looks like he has big fun. Good on you Dad (and Mom!).

    Happy Birthday Baitbucket!!!
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    FB ya done good for BB

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    Happy Birthday B-Bucket!

    Caturday will be extra special
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    Baitbucket called. He said that he wants a mountain bike just like his dad's for his birthday gift. Then for Christmas, he wants a carbon FS bike and have it sent over to his pal named Katz so Katz can teach BB how to wheelie

    Happy birthday!

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    Happy Birthday Bait Bucket!!
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    Good stuff! I love the cake.

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    Thanks everybody ! he's gonna love reading the replys.

    Quote Originally Posted by Katz View Post
    he wants a carbon FS bike and have it sent over to his pal named Katz
    Well seeing We don't have him for Christmas day-(the 25th) this year ... We're celebrating Christmas 2.0 tomorrow MORNING ! I'm going to have to ride the Carb.FS the next 2 weeks , until he can ship it to you.

    though... I think he'd rather have WII U or some such gizmo.
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    Happy B-Day BB

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    Happy Birthday BB! Looks like everybody is going to have a great day.
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