I was watching Turner Classic Movie channel today and they showed a classic from 1957... "Zero Hour"

I wasn't planning to watch it, but I saw "Crazylegs" Hirsch listed in the credits. Since I know my UW alums, (duh) I was hoping to do the run.

So I'm watching the movie and the hero, Ted Striker, and his son go to the cockpit in flight. Then this happened...

Douglas DC-4-"Joey...Do You Like Movies About Gladiators"??? - YouTube

It dawned on me it was the script they ripped off for Airplane!

the only thing they really were missing were Johnny and the Jive talkers...

"Ted, that was probably the lousiest landing in the history of this airport. But there are some of us here, particularly me, who would like to buy you a drink and shake your hand. We're coming over." (from Zero Hour)