Booo frontier airlines
Used to be able to fly a bike for $50 each way, very reasonable I thought.
On our way to San Diego for a week of biking and fun.
Get to airport, and find out its going to cost $95 for my bike case. Wtf??

So they treat bike cases like regular luggage, $20 for a second bag....if you are under 50lbs. Maybe with a road bike or a light hardtail. Def not my fat bike!!!
Over the weight limit and it is an additional $75 . What a crock.

Then you get on the plane, and if you want a drink it's $2. No magazines. Sheesh.

I'll be flying with someone else next time for sure.
Next time I'll bring a bigger suitcase, and pack my fork and seat and anything else I can to see if I can make the weight limit.

also...united, suitcase over 50 lbs and they charge you $25 bag fee plus $100 overweight fee. Holy crap!

How is that fair when I weigh 160 soaking wet, but 300# people don't have to pay extra?

It should be combined weight of traveler plus bags. That is fair right???