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    Just reading through some different parts of the forums here and found this one.

    I was wondering what everyone puts in there bottle's or hydration packs when on a bike ride? I like to fill my bottle up with ice water and a couple spoon fulls of the gatorade powder and when I get home drink a bottle of gatorade ( Usually g2 ) to replenish any lost electrolytes, and drink more water.

    Just wondering what everyone takes with them


    Jeremy - it all depends on the duration of the ride. Glycogen stores in our body are usually good for up to 90 minutes (maybe 2 hours in some cases depending on the intensity). For rides of that duration and less (including races), water is fine. Follow up the ride with a recovery snack or beverage.

    If just using water, one could take a Gel right before the ride or mid-ride if need be for a bit of a glycogen boost. And if electrolytes are needed, an Endurolyte tablet or two would suffice.

    Once the duration starts to build beyond the glycogen stores in your body, a drink mix that provides some calories comes into play. I like HEED from Hammer Nutrition when rides get to the 2 hour to 2 1/2 hour stage. And for rides going 3+ to 4 hours and over, I like to use Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem as a main fuel source. Or I custom mix the two based on duration (along with a gel or two to eat).

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    Living in west TX and riding in 100*+ temps creates a unique hydration situation.
    I find that water alone for me doesn't do job. It's like I can't get enough fast enough and before I know it I've finished off my 100oz camelbac. Straight Gatorade is to sugary and I feel sloshy and full.
    My solution it to mix Gatorade, water, and pedialyte, combined with making an effort to hydrate the day before riding. Also as far as keeping it cold in the hydration pack I freeze a bottle of water and cut the plastic bottle off and drop the solid ice into my pack. It will stay cold for about 4 hours at 100*
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    Camelback is always just water. For long rides (4+ hours), supplement with salt pills, energy gel, energy gummis, sammiches, fruits. Mostly, I dont' want to deal with cleaning electrolyte solution from my camelback. Water's always straight outa the tap.

    For really long runs (4+ hours), same methodology but with water bottles, two with water, one with gu brew. Prefer gu brew for taste, electrolyte content, and calorie content.

    This goes for all temeperatures (40 deg F to 110 deg F) and humidities. Consumption rates vary.

    If you use a water bottle (or I guess a camelback), keep one full of just water. If you feel like you're bonking (or going to bonk), put a little water on your head to cool you down. If you don't cool down your brainstem, you get the pukes. Bad times.
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    If you rinse and freeze your hydration pack bladder you don't have to worry about what was in it... Mine lives in the freezer when not in use
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    I use Vitalyte, it's the best.
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    Yes, honey won't dissolved in cold water. On the other hand hot water deprives honey health properties.

    I must ask, what are these health properties you speak of? in honey.
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    Yes, honey won't dissolved in cold water. On the other hand hot water deprives honey health properties.

    I think it eventually will. Honey is water-based, not oil-based. I make my own Honey-based energy gel, copying the ingredients from the Stinger packages. I used to pulverize the potassium and salt with a mortar and pestile and try to mix it all up into the honey. It was difficult, even with hot honey. Now, I dissolve the chemicals in a little water first, then whip that into the honey. Much easier, and no need to heat the honey.


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    On the other hand hot water deprives honey health properties.

    Keep in mind that most honey that you buy is pasteurized -- cooked in other words. I have friends who are roadie who owns beehives and I buy raw honey from them.

    Honey apparently makes a good disinfectant, especially raw honey. I haven't tried it yet, but next time I hurt myself on the trail will try my energy gel and see what happens. I can't image that the salt and potassium will feel good tho :)
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    yes that honey and lemon work excellent for me then i have a cold, sore throats. and i feel like it works even better with natural honey straight from the bee farm.
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    excelerade from REI works great!
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    I always ride with my Camelbak 100oz-3Lt. of water, and keep a large water bottle of Gatorade or other energy drink in my bike's bottle cage. I'll freeze half of the Gatorade the night before, and fill the rest of the bottle with the remaining Gatorade before my ride. Throw a few ice cubes in my Camelbak's bladder also before my ride. I like my drinks cold!

    Thank you for this idea
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    random walk
    For shorter rides, just water in the hydration pack.

    For longer rides (2 hrs +), H2O in the pack as main fluid source, supplemented with a bottle or 2 of maltodextrin (e.g. Carbo Gain) and 1-2 Nuun tablets dissolved in water, which I sip periodically to get 100-200 calories per hour. I got that recipe from another thread in this subforum.

    +1 on the freezing and ice cube techniques for hot days!
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    I'll fill up my Camel Bak (100 oz) with water, throw in 3 scoops of Heed and call it done, For longer rides I will add a bottle with a higher concentration.
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    Der Juicen
    i always fill my 100oz camelbak with ice cubes and water.
    if i need anything other than water i always have Clif shot bloks in my pack, they provide great quick nutrition and dont bother my stomach. gatorade, gu gel/chomps, hammer gels, all make me want to puke. if the weather is hotter than usual or the ride will be longer than 3 hours i will bring along extra water bottles, and clif bars or even a sandwich.
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    Nothing but water in the bladder. Too hard to clean properly and funkies and microscopic critters start homesteading. I carry powdered drinks in a separate wide mouth bottle.

    Depending on the weather I sometimes will fill the bladder ~1/3 full and put it in the freezer the night before. Right before the ride fill it the rest of the way with water. The large chunk of ice will last longer than cubes.
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    We all need three things: Glucose, electrolytes, and water. On a short ride of an hour and a half, the body's glycogen stores are used and supplemental glucose isn't as important as when riding for longer distances. But, if you're sweating like crazy after half and hour, electrolyte supplementation is good to have, along with hydration. Now, the body works best if you have a stomach that isn't full of food. So, finish a good pre-ride meal about two hours before the ride. This way, your system has processed much of what you'll need and is ready for processing further supplementation.

    The best thing to do is to have a mix- literally in your hydration mix -consisting of fuel, electrolytes, and water. Why? Because in layman's terms, we want to get these things into the muscles as efficiently and fast as possible, right? The body burns primarily glucose for fuel and can only process about 250-300 calories per hour, max. Consuming more is just wasting money and it's just sloshing around, possibly leading to distress. Also, long chain molecules like maltodextrin, or proteins take longer to break down than, say, a simple carb like dextrose. Go with efficiency for less body stress. Also, if you're simultaneously adding water and electrolytes, this is better for the body's ability to process because the "pumps" that transport glucose, water and electrolytes run best when all three are present at the same time. You really don't need anything else and hitting yourself with a gel or protein bar is actually going to slow the process down, or in the case of a high sugar hit, possibly "jolt" the body's insulin response. Added work. Why do that? We only have so much energy to burn and can only supplement so much. Dosing of an efficient mixture throughout the ride is going to serve our entire system- digestive, muscular, and brain (which runs on glucose) -more effectively and it's simpler than having to remember how many salts to take, when to grab the gel, or whatever. So, if your mix includes the right combination of easily digested carbs, electrolytes and water, you've got all you need. Keep it simple and enjoy the ride!
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    Nothing but water in the bladder. Too hard to clean properly and funkies and microscopic critters start homesteading. I carry powdered drinks in a separate wide mouth bottle.

    Depending on the weather I sometimes will fill the bladder ~1/3 full and put it in the freezer the night before. Right before the ride fill it the rest of the way with water. The large chunk of ice will last longer than cubes.

    I do the same thing. However I am not a fan of really sweet drinks, so keep my camelbak to water only and add a nuun in a seperate bottle if I am going for a really long ride (or if its really hot).

    Another thing to factor in is how stuff sits in your gut when you are pushing hard. I have tried a couple of powdered sports drinks and the combination of some of these and gels have made me feel so heavy in my gut that I have to drop the tempo down to avoid having a hurl.

    For me I have found the key is to finding the balance where you are putting in what your body needs, without it changing how you like to ride.
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    My hydration pack lives in the freezer until I use it again. I have two Osprey units- one for short rides and another for long rides- Raptor 10 and Raptor 20, though both are 100 oz. I concur with the dislike of sweet after a while. Also with heavy gut with too many additives. I tried everything out there. And even mixed my own for a while, but... really? Too much trouble even with a Vitamix. When you find the mix with proper balance it's a huge blessing in many ways. Different for many, but I've found mine.

    Rich Fletcher
    Tailwind Nutrition
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    If it is over 3 hours, I'll bring some sort of gatorade/tang mixture watered down. and 2 water bottles. The most important thing is just making your pee stay clear IMHO.
  • 11-06-2012
    Echoing what others have said, my nutrition depends upon the length of the ride.
    Under 90mins, I'll go with Gatorade (G2 formula) and supplement with straight water as needed.
    Over 90 mins and I've got a custom mix from Infinit that I'll use. This I'll supplement with salt tabs (depending upon temps) and clif blocks (nice to have something to chew).
    For rides < 3 hours I'll use fluids only (save for the clif blocks).
    Longer than 3 hours and I'll add bars, fig newtons or pb&j's to the menu.
  • 11-07-2012
    Keep the H2o flowing !
  • 11-08-2012
    Only water in the bladder and for longer/hotter rides, Heed or some other sports drink in a bottle.
  • 11-15-2012
    H20 or Vitamin water in the cup holder for 90 minutes or less. H20 in the camel pack and Vitamin water in the cup holder for longer rides. I'll mix stuff like honey and light salt in the camel pack during hot days, especially back home in West Texas.
  • 12-19-2012
    water in bladder, a bottle with some cytomax that i will drink some through out the ride and sometimes will have another bottle with nuun in it when its really hot outside, which for me in Houston is most of the time..............
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    Just straight up water, and a lot of ice if its hot out.