• 12-19-2012
    I have tried quite a few options over the years with varying success. We (Osprey Packs) did some reservoir testing with Tailwind which is another SW Colorado company. Can honestly say it has worked the best for keeping my energy levels high without the bloated stomach feeling I get from drinking too much of the other drinks. A quick clean out of the reservoir with one of the cleaning tablets kept things from getting funky.
  • 12-20-2012
    I swear by Cytomax as my only hydration source for rides.
  • 12-21-2012
    Now I drink only water. In the past I was very careful to various Gatorade etc..
  • 12-22-2012
    water workd for me.
  • 12-24-2012
    just water
  • 12-25-2012
    random walk
    For short rides, just water. For 2-4 hour rides, I add in a bottle with Nuun electrolytes.

    Following the lead from another thread in this subforum, I started using Maltodextrin & Nuun tablets dissolved with water in bike bottles for long uninterrupted rides (4+ hours). The results were so awesome, I used that recipe to replace trail snacks on long-distance backpacking trips (9+ hour days).

    You can dissolve quite a bit of malto in water. A bottle with 400 calories of Malto + 2 Nuun tablets is sipped periodically over 2 hours (more or less depending on your intake needs). Plain water from a hydro pack is taken in parallel for hydration.

    The malto taste is barely perceptible. 2 Nuuns make it overly sweet to me; I'm thinking of replacing one with a quarter teaspoon of "Lo Salt" which replaces some of the sodium content of table salt with potassium.
  • 12-26-2012
  • 12-27-2012
    Depends...if going for an hour ride, I'll just go with water. A 1-2 hour ride, I'll drink about 100-200 calories an hour along with some electrolytes. If going for a 2+ hour ride, I'm drinking 250-300 calories p/hour along with electrolytes. I drink an all in one fuel (Tailwind) so I don't need to supplement with electrolytes or additional calories.

    If it's hot out, I might put my hydration pack or bottles in the freezer.
  • 12-27-2012
    Hammer HEED. Tastes good, easy on stomach.
  • 12-28-2012
    I don't get the luxury of short rides. Every ride I do is over three hours. If I have the wherewithal to prepare, I use a solution of a tablespoon+a squirt of molasses, a healthy few squirts of lemon juice and a decent sized pinch of salt. Shake vigorously until homogenous. It tastes awesome and is really good at keeping you hydrated. All ingredients are the best I can find in whatever grocery I'm currently in buying them. I usually eat little if anything on/before my rides though I should.
  • 12-28-2012
    ^^^Nice. Reminds me that when in a pinch, I mix maple syrup and water. Grade B, has a lot of nutrients and tastes great. Around my house, that's our general sweetener...coffee etc.
  • 12-31-2012
    Me, I ride 1-1.5 hours and drink powered Gatorade only on the trail!

    I drink water before and after in the car (with Gatorade also...)

    --I ride a Hardtail and take 2 bottles with me on trail (and bring a bottle of water and one of Gatorade with me in the car)---I then eat 2 GU Gels (one in middle of ride)--and one after with water..

    --People I have ridden with think that is Way Too Much!!--But Hey, it works for me (like when I play basketball or Tennis)---Gatorade works like recharging my batteries (water does not do that for me!)

    ---And I have cut out sugar and carbs in my diet (except for Gatorade)--and SAMBAZON ACAI Juice with eggs from Friday to Sunday morning (i eat steel cut Organic oats Monday to Thursday for Breakfast)----but only eat meat and organic veggies for lunch and dinner daily... --Sort of like a modified Caveman diet with carbs in the morning (but only 1.5 ounces of oatmeal for 4 days)---and 10 ounces of Acai juice with my 2 Jumbo Organic eggs for the next 3 days at breakfast....
  • 01-02-2013
    I've been filling up my 100oz bladder with 100oz's of Skratch Labs mix.
    I wonder if this is overkill for 2+ hour rides. I do sweat a lot no matter winter or summer.
  • 01-05-2013
    I like my camelback with just water. I will also take a bottle of gatorade cut in half with water. Straight gatorade has too much sugar and if I drink it straight it's sometimes makes me sick.
  • 01-05-2013
    It used to be water only for me, moto and MB. But since hitting 50, only water doesn't cut it anymore. I now fill my bladder with Gatorade to drink while riding, but also carry water to drink while taking a break. Since I started this regimen, I don't run out of energy anymore. I found out early during the process that drinking Gatorade only would give me stomach acid burn and create a quench for water.
  • 01-05-2013
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    kraken makes it happen
  • 02-28-2013
    Water in my CamelBak and Crank Sports e-Fuel in my bottles. If I'm riding without bottles, I take e-Gel with the water I have in my CamelBak.
  • 03-02-2013
    quite cold a bottle of pocari sweat on the bike....and a bottle of mineral water in my bag (me in tropical country) for 3 to 6 hours riding.
  • 03-10-2013
    Originally just water, then switched to an electrolyte mix (Ultima Replenisher). Works great for shorter rides but on a super long 8+ ride last year I bonked due to dehydration. Now I'm back with ice cold water and use Clif shot blocks for energy.
  • 03-10-2013
    On long rides what your body needs is electrolytes. Gatorade and smart water are enhanced with electrolytes. But for short rides I recommend just plain water.
  • 03-10-2013
    I heard that BUD LIGHT is very hydrating! :)
  • 04-03-2013
    Tailwind Endurance Fuel
    Anyone try this before?

    Tailwind Endurance Fuel - Tailwind Nutrition

    Looks like it has good electrolyte levels. I tried the GNC endurance something or other and it was aweful. Chalky, bad taste, but did offer some minor results. I'm planning to try Skratch Labs and Osmo to replace electrolytes. Calories from eating Lara Bars, bananas, sweet potato, or nuts. Also going to try Honey Stinger Waffles as a calorie replacement. I will mostly use water on rides under 3 hours. Above that, I like to start replacing electrolytes and calories. Also on hot or overly humid days. The nice thing about Osmo and Skratch is that they are minimal in calories and sugar so they are still good if you are on a short ride and just want something better than H2O as far as taste and effectiveness.

  • 04-04-2013
    Hydro pack, water
    Frame bottle Gator Aid

    Drink a 1:3 ratio, 1=Gator Aid.
    When the Aid runs out eat a banana and an apple, then hammer out the rest
    of the ride.
  • 04-05-2013
    The options and debates over sports drink is almost as treacherous as the clip less/flat pedal question. lol

    It's alarming to me the amount of sugar in 32 oz of Gatorade/Powerade type drinks...but after trying Hammer Nutrition's HEED, wow, I don't get it. I thought I 'd ground up some blackboard chalk and mixed it with water by mistake. The ultimate in granular chalky taste!

    I guess it's the 60 grams of sugar in Gatorade that makes it taste so good...lol