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    Quote Originally Posted by drblauston View Post
    hey everyone, as strange as this might sound one of my new years resolutions is to gain about 20 pounds of weight.. Currently 6'2" and 157lbs - used to swim a lot and I also blame a fast metabolism.. anyways, what are some good wholesome foods you all eat and that also could help with weight gain?

    I enjoy and consume a lot of whole milk, nuts, avocado and peanut butter.. I know these are an excellent foundation but they get a little boring after a while..

    Any diet input or suggestions would be appreciated! Cheers
    Any progress since beginning of this thread? Anyways, like many people that responded, I was once in your shoes. For the longest time I was stuck at 150 lbs while standing 5'11" tall and nothing appeared to tip the scale the way i wanted to. I'm now 185. People are right when they tell you you're at a healthy weight, but everyone has their own reasons for wanting to gain weight. I'll tell you now, the 35 lbs I gained boosted my confidence and overall I'm a happier person. I'll tell you now, the 35 lbs I gained boosted my confidence and overall I'm a happier person. There's 2 things you need to gain weight, along with any other goals you might have.

    1. Dedication - you can say you want to gain weight but you have to take the steps to make it happen. Gaining weight was my new years resolution for the longest time but I never truly did anything about it. This year was the first year it was not on my new year's resolution since I was 17. I'm 24 now. Going to GNC and telling them you want to gain weight and them selling you some powder is NOT the solution. I've done this countless time.
    2. Consistency - Stick with your routine, stick with your routine, and STICK TO YOUR ROUTINE! Progress will follow.

    Start lifting weights:
    Join a gym and start lifting. Light at first and gradually add 5 lbs a week or every other. Do not do random stuff like some people do. I see a lot of people in the gym wandering around from machine to machine not really knowing what they're doing. I highly recommend this routine (The World of Working Out: Maximum Mass Workout) and for deadlifts I recommend 3 sets of 5 reps instead of the straight 20. Keep high intensity activities to a minimum.

    In order to grow positively in size, you gotta tear some muscle fibers(by lifting heavy) and EAT! Eat whatever the hell you want as long as your calorie intake is 2500+ and take 1g of protein per lb that you weight. For example, if you're 160 lbs you should take 160g of protein a day. Protein intake can be with foods and or/powder. Multivitamins and fish oils should be taken daily.

    Stick with that and I promise you'll see results. I have gained fat while doing this, but they weren't noticeable. People will notice your increase in muscle mass before your fat. Once desired body weight is achieved, go back to a regular healthy diet and continue lifting the same weights, and go back to high intensity activities (sprinting, cycling, basketball, soccer, etc.) to bring that body fat percentage down.

    With dedication and consistency, I gained a average of 10 lbs a month.

    Hope this helps anyone with looking to gain weight.

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    The basis of any weight gain diet should contain nutritious, high calorie food items like:

    • Carbohydrates: whole meal bread, potatoes, brown rice, pasta, couscous, fresh and tinned fruit and dried fruit.
    • Fat: fish, flax, sunflower, safflower and cod liver oil and some raw nuts.

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    From someone who had a brief visit into the world of body building....

    You are going to have to eat a stupid number of calories (for me, I kept my caloric intake at a varied rate from day to day. Usually I was in the 4000 to 5000 range) Of those calories, you then have to learn more about the macros that make those calories. Protein, carbs, fat.... those are the most important ones to think about. Protein numbers should be around 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of weight daily. Fat is very important. I'm not talking 2 big macs fat, I'm talking your fish oils, borax oils, non saturated fats. Pure right off the animal kind of fats. eat lots of chicken, salmon, and leaner beef. I hope you don't like beer... because you'll have to drop that. I learned everything I needed to know from reading daily, and getting a lot of info. Don't listen to the people who only tell you that you're going to have to eat a ton. If they can't tell you what that "ton" is going to consist of, you're listening to the wrong guy. You are more than welcome to eat 6 large works pizza pies a day, you'll gain weight, I promise!! It's not the weight you want though. Through a clean bulk last winter, I went from 268 lbs with a body fat percentage that would make shamu the whale proud, to 254 lbs, and closer to 20% body fat. I loved it, and it was fun, but I will warn you, you will want to be very careful.... let me make more emphasis on that YOU WILL WANT TO BE VERY CAREFUL. I tore a ligament in my wrist, and my elbow, blew out a knee, hurt my back a number of times.... Once your nutrition is correct, and you're making big strides towards your end goal, the weights you are playing with begin to go up.... and up... and then one day, you're sitting on a small L bench, doing Arnold presses with 95 lb dumbells in each hand, you go to set them down on your knees between sets, and actually hear the tendon pop in your wrist when you make the twist. Then the next thing you know, you're laid up, and can't do it anymore.

    I enjoy mountain biking MUCH more than power lifting anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randolph456 View Post
    Use pure protein foods to gain your muscular weight.
    Consume more milk, cheese, peanut butter, meat, nuts, beans, banana, sweet potato, roots beats and rice etc. to gain the weight and muscles.
    For flat out bulking you could/should go 60% carbs, 20% protein, 20% fat. For gaining lean mass you could go as hard core as around 35 c, 50p, 15 fat. Magic ratios abound and can be very personal. It can be a real learning curve pita converting food to ratio, and to make it more confusing some say c,f,p instead of c,p,f. Plus this doesn't address what type of proteins, fats, and especially carbs. if you want to simply loose or gain weight diet alone is your biggest tool, but to gain fitness or muscle it's only part of the picture, albeit still the biggest, exercise must take place.
    Round and round we go

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    Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. Will put on weight and at your height it wont be pure fat
    2 Hands Working Do More Than 1000 Hands Praying

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