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    stomach turns at the 5 hr mark...

    first started 2 yrs ago with perpetuem, had to juggle endurolytes into those bottles. i switched from heed to perpetuem about hour 3, after hour 4, my stomach started to feel upset and mental focus isn't there, when that happens, i drink less. i stopped racing at hr 6 of an 8hr event. i didn't throw up, but was about 3-4 hrs before i felt like eating anything.

    Last year i got into Infinit, liked not juggling ingredients. in a May race, my stomach started to turn at the 5 1/2 hr mark and had to stop at 6hr. started to lose mental focus and coudn't put any power down. took about 3 hrs before i felt like eating after. I just did a 6hr race, and my stomach started to tell me something at 4 1/2 hr mark. so i just grabbed water for the last hr. even that wasn't sitting well, so i drank very little, my stomach didn't get worse. very slight dizzyness, even felt a little cold in the face once. i had a 10min nap with my feet up after the race and felt much better.

    1 24oz bottle usually lasts me 1.5 to 2 hrs. most people tell me i'm not drinking enough, but any more and i feel full. i was mixing infinit at 2 scoops per 1.5 hr.

    if anyone has any insight into what my be causing my stomach issues, it would be appreciated. if you need any other info on me, just ask.

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    I have no clue whether this relates to your situation.

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