One of the things that works for me as a pre-ride "meal" is drinking a breakfast smoothie before I head out. The smoothie sits in my stomach nicely, and it keeps me going for a couple hours during the ride. My basic recipe has been this:

  • Fruit (generally, frozen blueberries)
  • Milk
  • SlimFast powder (one scoop vanilla)
  • Plain Yogurt (tbsp)
  • Orange Juice

I like this mix a lot, but sorta feel that the SlimFast may not be the best for this mix. But it's the one thing that adds the sweetness that I need, and I really don't like to do bananas. So . . . I'm wondering if there might be some sort of a powdered supplement that would substitute for the SlimFast and would act as a sweetener as well as add in some of the vitamins and nutrients that I need. I blend all this up in a Magic Bullet (which is an awesome little appliance - just like they say on TV).

Any ideas that might give me a more complete smoothie, or should I just stick to what I've been doing?

Thanks for any suggestions and additional recipes!