So if anyone is like me and when they got a camelbak cheaped out and went with the smaller Rogue style pack and likes to horde tools, food, phone and what not then I got something for you to look at!

So this is for the Mist 8.0 Hydration Pack and it can be bought at Walmart for $29.99. I actually wish I got this thing before I payed the 50 or 60 for the rogue. It has just about as much room as the M.U.L.E other then its not 100oz but still a solid 67.6oz.

Can be found in Walmart and also Costco(Just did a search for it)

It has 2 Large zipper compartments and then One large front flapish pocket, as well as two water bottle holders on the side. The bite system works, but I will say its not as good as the Camelbak ones. It screws on very easy to clean so thats a big +. It also comes with two support straps so you can have one around your lower back to help take some weight off and distribute the weight better. The adjustment straps seem really good and sturdy.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty just like Camelbak brands. So if it does crap out on me I can get a new one for free with out a problem but at $29.99 I am not to worried about it.

While I am not knocking my Camelbak brand at all I think this is a worthy buy if you are looking to get a larger pack if you have a smaller one like I do. I have 2 smaller Camelbak's and I intend to keep and use them both still. But.... I have been toying with the idea of getting a folding shovel to carry with me during my solo rides. I have been finding a lot of the trails I ride have been trashed from D-bag out of towners or get beat up from the weather. I have been fixing log piles or washout spots and I wanted to get a shovel to bring to help get the job done! I wouldnt be able to fit it my current pack so this is were the Mist 8.0 is going to come into play. When I am riding with a group or if I am in a race then Rouge all the way. But if I am solo or going for an all day ride then the Mist 8.0 will get the job done for sure.

Overall I am really happy with it, I went into walmart just to get my folding shovel for $10.00 and came out with a bag / hydration pack to hold it. I will see how well it holds up over the course of the next few weeks. I take care of my stuff but my hydration pack gets a good fair share of abuse from the weather, storage, now keeping a shovel in it and how much stuff I tend to horde while I ride.

67.6oz Water (Rouge is 70oz but 2.4oz wont break the bank)
2 Large zipper compartments
1 Large opened compartment
2 water bottle mess holders
Upper and Lower Back support
Removable bladder
Lots of space to carry tools, pump, tube, food, SHOVEL!!!
Well made material

67.6oz vs 100oz when comparing the M.U.L.E

The bite bladder is a bit harder to get water out of then the Rouge might break in over time

Hose is a bit longer then normal, tucked it in the strap to fix that

Removal of the bladder to fill was a bit clumsy vs how nice and easy the Camelbak rouge is to fill. I

Had to go to walmart to find it. Not really a con for the pack but lord have you ever been to walmart in NJ.....