As we all know, cycling can be quite extreme. I'm a retired multi sport amateur athlete however, all my sports were explosive/ anerobic. I'm new to endurance sports like cycling. I'm also 46 yo; very important because I feel like I'm finally starting to taper off with energy, recovery etc.

Anyway, my lab results were excellent but I was showing a trace of ketones. Strange because I eat a LOT! I'm probably about 8 lbs over where I'd like to weigh.

I don't remember my diet pre 48 hours as it took our wonderful healthcare 9 days to get my lab results back to me, but Ketone production due to carb depletion would likely need 48 hours and I don't carb deplete, just don't over load on them.

Any input on why there may be a trace? Causes? Affects on my endurance? Just a trace though. Thanks.