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    Anyone ride with coffee

    in a water bottle? Since getting married and having a toddler the best time for me to ride is early around 6am. I like to have some coffee with me early in the morning too. Is there a bottle or thermos type container that would keep coffee hot for a early morning mid ride break on the trail?

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    Anyone ride with coffee

    You could bring warm coffee in one of the camelbak podium chill bottles, but they're not made for hot liquids. Me personally, never ridden with coffee because that would surely mean a pit stop in the woods. There are quite a few stainless bottles nowadays that are designed for fitting in a water bottle cage, so it you want hot, that's probably the best route.

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    I don't ride with coffee. However, I needed to roll to our summer bike to work event and was short on time.*:*Aladdin Flip and Sip Vacuum Mug 12oz - Black Aladdin Flip and Sip Vacuum Mug 12oz - Black

    I just happened to have this in my cupboard, and it slipped into a bottle cage pretty easily.

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    I like to bring some coffee or tea with me on winter fat bike rides, I have a LL bean vacuum bottle coffee mug. I use a frame bag on that bike though, I don't think it would fit in a bottle cage.

    Also, it looks like LL bean doesn't carry the mug I have anymore, at least I can't find it on their website.
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    Back when I used to commute to work I would pass this guy who had a thermos of coffee on the bike path and would be sipping it out of the thermos top. I mean he was just cruising but cruising while drinking coffee out of an open cup. I was always a little amazed by it.
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    Hydro Flask Standard-Mouth Vacuum Bottle - 21 fl. oz. at

    Klean Kanteen Sport Cap 3.0 Bottle Cap at

    I do a lot of cold weather MN riding and the above thermos is the only thing I've found to keep my liquid from becoming frozen (I assume it would work well to keep things warm, too). I also use the water bottle-like top, but that may not be desirable for coffee.

    It fits a standard bottle cage (plastic cage doesn't seem to scratch it up, if you care about that).

    They come in two or three sizes, make sure the total length fits in the front triangle.

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    I used to brew green tea in a water bottle starting around hour 2.5 for 4+ hour rides. Two busted tea bags cured my of that and I use caffeinated chews now.

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