I will be doing simple trail work ride/survey on Squirrel Gap Saturday leaving the Turkey Pen parking lot at 3pm- sorry about the late start time, my GF is doing the Lake Logan triathalon in the am and I want to cheer her on.

Route- 66 jumps-Mullinax-Squirrel-Cantrell-SouthMills

-There's a few trees that were cut off leaving chest high butt ends right at the trails edge- so cutting those back a foot or two.
-Surveying in detail the 2-3 sections that are eroding down the sideslope to figure out how to fix them using hand tools and ingenuity only. MAYBE doing some of this work if time allows, but the primary goal of this ride is figuring out how to fix these issues long-term in a way that has zero impact on the character of this rugged trail.
- Cutting some briers back MAYBE- but probably not. See charactor of rugged trail above.
- Deberming outslope where and if necessary.

E-mail me at mikemtnbike@netzero.com if interested.