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    SORBA meeting location....

    as much as i like bikes, and as much as i like clubs that advocate bikes...i was thinking that maybe we could have the next sorba meeting at a more interesting place. surely the advent of alcohol and food wouldnt prevent people from actually hearing what the officers had to say, or what the members had to offer. just a suggestion.

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    There are plans for a combo Christmas party/ meeting in December. Stay tuned...

    We will also be in the process of nominating and electing officers for the upcoming year, so the November meeting will have a lot to cover and we will probably have to a second meeting in December to make sure all business is taken care of.

    Next year, I think we'll be trying to have a few "fun" meetings, we'll see what happens.

    Basically, we have to have a monthly "business" meeting that's pretty focussed. For us to have the social-business combo meeting, that has to be peridoic or in addition to other meetings- make sense?


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