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Thread: Shenandoah 100

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    Shenandoah 100

    its the first weekend in September, which is only a few weeks away. myself and others are gearing up for it, doing long, moderately paced rides on saturdays. this saturday it will leave out of the Black Mountain parking lot in Brevard at 9am. this ride will be self-sustained so a protein drink of some sorts is recommended for your main caloric intake, but of course bring more food along, and i have a water filter if youre scared to drink out of the streams. we'll spend all day in the woods so be prepared. if youre doing the 100 you should be in relatively good shape and have spent enough time riding to know what youre capable of. any questions call 828-553-5788.

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    Hmmmmmmmm interesting concept you have there.

    I will be attempting the SM100 and I am down for some training rides. How about one on August 5th or 6th?

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