6/1/13 Short Notice Richmond Hill Trail Work Day
In the grand tradition of short-notice for local trail work days, Iíve decided I could use some additional adult assistance for a Boy Scout work day this Saturday, 6/1/13. We will be building a new section of trail for a required re-route. Hereís the details:

When: 6/1/13 from 10am-2pm. Please arrive no later than 10am.

Where: Richmond Hill parking lot. Please e-mail mikemtnbike@gmail.com for detailed directions if needed.

What to Bring: Sturdy shoes. Gloves. Plenty of water. If you are sensitive to poison ivy, long-sleeved shirt and pants are the best prevention.

Nature of work: Adults will be supervised in the construction of switchbacks. Boy Scouts will be constructing straight-line trail.

RSVP STRONGLY REQUESTED. I want to be sure there are enough tools and a good plan for how to use available labor. Please email mikemtnbike@gmail.com if you intend to be there. Information will be shared regarding why the re-route is happening and other park plans.

There will likely be a second work day to put the final touches on the trail soon- like, weekend after The Enduro soon, I want to get this sucker done. Watch here if you want to participate, but PLEASE come out this weekend if you can, assistance will be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike Brown