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    Good job! PMBAR Sleeveless Jersey

    Anyone got an interest? Only need 10 (well 9 more, if you include mine) commitments for the order to be placed.

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    hmm. I don't think you need 10. In my experience with Champion Systems, once you get 10 of one item, you can get any amount of any other item. In this case, Eric has already bought 10 short sleeve jerseys so you can get 1 sleeveless, 1 long sleeve, 1 bib shorts, 1 skin suit, etc...

    At least that was the case when we did the PAS jerseys. Have Eric call the sales people at Champion to confirm.

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    Whoa - Rob in bibs? I missed 60 Mins.(on purpose), but now I have this concept to deal with at curfew.

    Going to be a Monday.
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    Well whadayaknow, Maida is correct. Sleeveless jerseys are now an option. Just follow the instructions in the other thread but put 'sleeveless' in the notes.
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