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    PMBAR, as always, was a Blast!

    What a day that was

    Maybe I should have gone for more than a handful of rides since the Double Dare. Maybe I should have spent more time prepping my bike gear instead of my canyoneering gear. Maybe we should have done the smart thing and gone for five, or even six checkpoints, instead of all seven. But like I asked PisgahPro at the finish when he showed me where the results were: Does it matter?

    I had a lot of fun, sick and twisted fun, but still a lot of fun. Pushed my personal limits and had a good day in the woods with a good friend (thanks for being a good sport as always, Chief). Passing the left turn onto 477 off of 276 and making the right onto 475B instead and committing to all 7 cps took a lot of soul searching but anything less than all seven would have been less than our abilities and simply wasn't an option.

    A Big thanks to Pisgah Productions, Eric and Erinna and everyone else, all the very helpful checkpoint volunteers (an extra shout out to the folks at 225 who helped me get warm and fight off hypothermia), and all the racers who make this event the best bike race in the world. Sorry to everyone who I didn't speak to out there - I wasn't in a very social mood.

    Congratulations to all the racers who make the event what it is. It isn't about if you got five checkpoints or seven, or if you got first place or the red lantern, or even if you finished or didn't.

    I'd love to hear some of the stories from the day so share them here!
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    I thought you might punch me when I said hi to you on Avery, dwood. That was a fun and very challenging day. One simple "off" choice led to a one hour differential for us. I would also like to give the volunteers huge props, it was a rough day to be sitting still in the woods. Cam and the timing crew bring professionalism to every event they're involved with. Eric and Erinna, my good friends; I know full well how much work and passion you put into it. Thanks!

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    I wasn't going to punch you, Mike. I was feeling like a fool at that point for having gone to 225 and was intent on getting the cp and then back before dark. It was nice to see you out there
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    What a great day! It was my partners first PMBAR and she crushed it. We had some low moments coming up the hike a bike on Laurel, but overall our spirits were high. We picked a good route and just kept moving all day. The weather was abysmal but Pisgah is a rain forest after all. The highlight of the day for me was riding squirrel especially the section leading up to Cantrell Creek. We had a great race and I don't think we could have gone much faster!

    Thanks to Eric and Erinna and all the checkpoint personnel who were out in the shit for hours. A special thanks goes out to Stephen Janes and the folks at his truck who provided the best tasting coke I have ever had (aside from the one in last years PMBAR). Thanks again Eric, another great PMBAR in the books.

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    Spontaneous to say the least, got word Friday 3pm there were spots open for Pmbar. Found another soul to destroy with mine. Grab the Specy SS clean,lube check it over and all required gear packed and ready to go 11:00pm Friday night. Alarm clock goes off at 3:00 AM and I off to Pisgah from Clt. We get our required gear checked some hellos to familiar faces and were off. I have ridden Pisgah a hand full of times my teammate even less but races with support and trail markers,Virgins to say the least. Rolled home @ 11:15pm.
    We finished with 5 on the passport including the mandos and took us 11:48 .Every check point was a personal record for us. I came away with is a huge personal achievement. I will definitely put this on the calendar next year not less than a day before either.
    Thanks to Eric and Erinna
    Thanks volunteers that hiked in and camped out at the check points
    Camera guy I now know why I always see that Yellow SUV thanks
    And to the guys and gals making grilled cheese in the cold foggy rain in Pisgah HELL YEA!!
    See ya at the 111k

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    Is it too late to train for this?

    Asheville Janes: PMBAR 2013

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    No X-Box today!

    We will start by saying DSS did not show up at the Clyburn/Bringuier residence Monday, despite dragging a 12 year old through 15 hours of epic PMBAR conditions . My superhero partner Cedric will narrate from here:

    Ok, so we started up on a cold, cloudy day. Very bad! We started climbing Black (Not fun! :/) and then I noticed my rear brake wasn’t working! VERY BAD! To help me go up the mountain, my dad had brought a tow rope! (<-- Perfectly legal!) Kip was going fast up the mountain, and by then we had passed some people. It started getting cold at the top of Black, so I put on my lil’ rain jacket. We had just finished the Black CP when my dad changed the route. We were suposted to go down Turkey Pen, but the backtrack was nasty and Avery Creek was just below.

    We went to Avery and before I left, I sat by the fire warming my hands, but we had to go soon. . Then we went to Buckhorn Gap, Southmillz, then Squirrel. There, we picked up checkpoint #3! Yay! We were advised to continue on Squirrel instead of wet Cantrell Creek! From there we went towards TURKEY PEN (Gobble Gobble!) and picked up checkpoint #4! BOO YA! We were ahead of many people we met at S. Mills, but that would change!

    We met up with Dave Harris and he said that there were GRILL’D CHEE$E at Yellow Gap and that got everyone’s attention! Thus we changed our course (AGAIN) For Try Shall Not Miss Try Grilled Cheese! Then we went Water Biking!(Doesn’t Exist, sadly ) 15 Cold Over-flowed Rivers! Sounds great...right! Kip would carry both bikes at one time and walk across the river with me hanging on the rear tires! And then, my bike had so much mud on it, I was having chain suck! (really Bad!) We ran into James Haskins and he gave me some LUBE (Tks dude!) That helped for a few hours! Then, of course, and thank you ERIC WEVER, I got to do 8 more creek crossings ! When we finished those, I saw the campsite by the road and thought it was the grilled cheese guy, but it wasn’t .

    So a right turn and up we climbed towards Yellow Gap. You can imagine how it went. “Are we there yet?”, “When is it?”, “I’m cold”, “Wahh!”, “My life is ruined.” Till we got there. Let’s just say I hung out at the fire at least 20 minutes, ok? Stephen makes much better grilled cheese sandwiches than my mom. Then we had so much fun going up Laurel, while it was raining, very cold, windy and I wanted to go HOME. We made really good time! But, sadly, the fire at Sassafrass was long gone. Ashes to Ashes (that’s a song!). I was so happy we had 5 check-points, but we had to push up to Pilot and get to the finish!

    (Think of either the 007 Bond theme song or the Pirates of the Carribean) The downhill was sooo epic! I had only my front brake working and my last 2 fingers didn’t want to move. (Bad fingers! :/ ) It was foggy, cold and pouring rain descending Pilot. I hoped it would be warmer at the bottom but it was getting worse, and to add on, my bike was getting chain suck again, And we had N0 LUBE left! I had to stay in my big ring and that really hurt, even with the tow rope! We were going harder than we ever did between 8-10 p.m trying to get back. It was raining really bad and getting C0LD and I couldn’t see with all the mud flying in my eyes!

    The climb back up to Buckhorn was horrible as the deep mud just stopped our bikes. I started crying descending down from Buckhorn to Pressley. It was just really cold and my bike was breaking and it was night and I was kinda scared! We turned left and climbed toward Pressley Gap. Sometimes we had to hike as the mud was so deep. My dad didn’t want to tell me what time it was. We are never never ever getting back together! (that’s a Taylor Swift song!) That was soo hard! I was freezing to death! Then, when we got on top of Black to go down, both my brakes weren’t working! SHOCKER! Levers all the way to the grips and nothing!

    I had fun plunging down a river of mud (or was that a trail?) And I was getting scared because a video game called Slenderman is about the tall white guy trying to kill you in the woods: well, I thought that was happening to me :/! Scary sounds were heard, and, well, just scary. We made it down Black and rode the parts we could ride, and about then, I thought my neck was going to collapse because the weight of my head was too much. When we finally finished, I thought OMG WTF DID I JUST DO? Really!

    It was somewhere around 11pm and my mom was already cleaned up and pretty worried. There were no burritos though, sadly. Even though I don’t really like burritos, I had been thinking about one for the past several hours – at least my dad had been talking about them nonstop. But my dad promised me lots of food and pop-tarts! (POP-TARTS, part of a nutritious breakfast - Not really) So we hit Bi-Lo at midnight since everything else was closed.

    5 Checkpoints, 15 hours, Ladies and Gentleracers! WARNING: We didn’t really pick the best route but we got to do a boatload of singletrack (boatload, get it?)

    What we learned: Pisgah is tough, especially when it rains :/ Pop Tarts are worth it! Horse poop makes a mess. When you do this race, BE PREPARED TO HURT!

    Cedric’s Wiseish Words: “Thy Shall Maybe Return, Maybe Not”!

    What was really tough is that I had to race Sunday morning in Davidson for the CYBL final race... in the rain of course!

    Well, guys, PEACE OUT!


    PMBAR, as always, was a Blast!-cedric-pmbar.jpg
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    Awesome job Cedric! You earned your "D-" Pop Tarts that day!

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    PMBAR, People and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

    What an event. Just go back to California so I won't bore you with all the details of rain and pain, if you want those (and some pics), click this link and read all about it. I will make it short and just say that Jay and I took a clockwise route with Avery first, up Pilot to Laurel 2nd, Bradley Creek/Turkey Pen 3rd, Squirrel Gap 4th and Black Mtn 5th.
    We finished, wet cold and muddy (duh). So to think of those out there long past 9 p.m. (like the Klyburns...flilppin' amazing to see you out there with no quit in your eyes, hope the lube helped) is truly amazing. But that is one of my favorite parts of this event. Seeing people along the routes, many familiar faces, and wondering where the heck did they come from and where the heck are they going? So many route choices this year, and yes, thanks to the elements, so many people not in cheery spirits, but all mtb warriors to be sure.

    One person in particular I am going to highlight is someone who did not even ride. Stephen Janes of 'Trips For Kids-WNC'. He was out there, volunteering, and making grilled cheese and supplying cokes to all who passed (and many passed twice). These sandwiches warmed your cold fingers and belly. What was that worth to you? For me it was worth $20. You see, S. Janes seems to be too nice of a guy to openly solicit donations for this wonderful organization that allows kids to experience the sport we all love, so I will solicit for him. Think back to how you felt when you saw those grilled cheese and cokes. You were likely wet, cold and hungry. Think what you would have paid at that moment for that manna from heaven, then make a donation in that amount to Trips for Kids-WNC to show S. Janes how much it meant to you.

    Disclaimer. I have only met Stephen Janes once, this year, at the aid station (but I have read his blog). Due to poor route choice, I missed the station last year (doh!). Before I moved to CA I rode for Trips For Kids-Triangle from 2011-2012.

    Also, a big shout out to all the other volunteers. Thanks!
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    Awesome story. Made my rainy beach camping/tent cleaning (think spider mites... ewww) so much easier! Ya'll rocked it!
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