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    Oconee county sc

    Hey all,

    anyone here around the mountain rest/walhalla area? I currently live in Florida but my boyfriend and i have a cabin in mountain rest that we are gonna move too in the near future.

    last time we visited we brought our bikes and rode a little of oconee state park which was fun and crazy challenging with the long climbs. We did a lot of hiking and didn't bike too much because we didn't wanna drive too far. There are a few trails right out behind cabin but they are mostly in the Sumter forest and are old forest roads. Still cool though!

    anyone have any good trail systems in the area? We came across a lot of "no bikes allowed" trails
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    I am from the upstate of South Carolina as well, but in the Greenville/Spartanburg area. I don't know of anything that would be considered local to your area, but it isn't too much of a drive to the trails at Lake Issaqueena, in the Clemson Experimental Forest. Here is a link to a thread with a map. Look at post number 4. It really is a good trail system.

    Clemson Trails

    Other than there, within what I would guess to be an hours drive or less, there is Dupont State Forest in Cedar Mountain, NC., Payne's Creek State Park near Hartwell, Ga., Paris Mountain in Greenville, Panthertown Valley, and then maybe a little more than an hour adds quite a bit more with Pisgah in Brevard, and Bent Creek in Asheville. Also Tsali on Fontana lake is a pretty good trail system as well, and Jackrabbit might not be too far of a drive from there either.

    So if you are willing to drive a bit, there is a lot of great trails. I hope this info helps a little.
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    Manchester State Forest might be alright but I've never been, it's in Sumter. It has a race that's part of the state championship. Manchester State Forest OHV Trailguide

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    There is a MTB park in Mountain Rest, Google hilltop mountain bike park.

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    I too have a second home in Mountain Rest where I spend almost every weekend to escape Columbia, SC. A great place to mountain bike is just 30 minutes from Mountain Rest in Tiger Ga. The trail area is called Stonewall Falls. Stonewall falls is about 11 mile loop. great climbs and descents. Another trail at the same are is called white twister about 6 miles. I use white twister as my warm up to do Stonewall falls trail. After the trail ride, go to Clayton Ga, (about 15 minutes away) and have a burger, tots and a good beer at the U-joint restaurant.

    I also rode ride the Mountain rest area, so maybe I will see you on the road or the trails.


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    Walhalla is less than an hour from Dupont in Brevard, NC. I drive there from NE Atlanta and it takes me right at 2 hours. Well worth the drive.

    Pisgah proper is only 30 minutes or so past that. If you don't mind driving a bit, Western NC is fantastic.
    It's not All-Mountain if you're shuttling or riding lifts.

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    Oconee has nil. You can ride the trails in Oconee State Park, but they're boring and last year were not maintained in some time. Oconee Station has a steep downhill trail that connects Oconee State Park to Oconee Station, and that is part of the Palmetto Trail (the rest of which does not allow mountain bikes in the upstate SC). The downhill trail isn't really any fun. No rocks or roots and smooth as a sidewalk. You can easily hit 30+ MPH on it, but you can fly off the side of the mountain if you overshoot a switchback.

    If you want trails in Oconee county (I would like to see some) advocate for some by contacting Oconee State Park, SC DNR (they own most of the land in Jocassee Gorges), and any other land management agency in that area. Oconee has much potential. And the management plans for Jocassee Gorges specifically mentions possibility of mountain bike trails. We speak up and attend meetings, we have a say in what gets added or banned.

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