Catawba area riders,

There is an important meeting tomorrow (Tuesday Feb. 2) at 7PM at Newton City Hall concerning Jacob Fork Park. Trail Dynamics wrote a Trails and Passive Recreation Plan last year for the park under contract with Catawba Heritage Alliance. The city mayor has written a letter of support for the plan, but city board has not voted to adopt the plan as of yet. The plan called for several miles of XC shared use trail (which has been designed on the ground and is ready), a mountain bike skills area, a surfaced 1/2 mile exercise loop, an adventure playground, a picnic area, and possible DH run.

This plan needs the support of the mountain bike community over that way. Please attend the city meeting if you can and show your support. If you are interested in seeing what the plan looks like, send me a PM with your email address and I can send you an e-copy of the Recreational Plan.