• 11-21-2012
    Alternatives to the Galax Trail in Dupont
    A group of us are heading down to Dupont this weekend and are looking at doing the majority of the IMBA Epic route, but it looks like the Galax Trail is now closed. Are there alternatives in the area? Is Triple Falls Trail near rhe Hooker Falls parking area open to mountain bikes? That seems to be the most logical option, but I seem to remember from past trips down that there are hiking only trails only in that area. Guidance from locals would be appreciated.
  • 11-22-2012
    Triple Falls trail is open to mountain bikes.

    PM sent with alt route
  • 11-22-2012
    Lower Triple Falls Trail is not open to bikes, it will be very obvious where that is with signs and a blockade. You can park your bikes at the large picnic shelter and visit the falls. After that, ride back up Triple Falls Road to Buck Forest Road and go R out to the High Falls parking area, there is water there if you need a refill. Turn R on Staton Rd (pave) and 1 minute all downhill to the Hooker Falls parking area and back on route.
  • 11-26-2012
    Thanks for the replies. We had a great time out there on Saturday and then Pisgah on Sunday.