2013 Revolver 1 Spec Q'n.

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  • 12-15-2012
    2013 Revolver 1 Spec Q'n.
    Hi folks,

    has anyone actually seen the 2013 Revolver 1 in the flesh?

    says it has Shimano XT brakes - but can anyone confirm are they Ice Tech brakes or not? They don't look like it from photos online and I can't find the precise specs of the brakes.

    Are all XT brakes ice tech?

  • 12-21-2012
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    Disclaimer: Have not seen in the flesh, but I have always been under the impression that the Ice Tech rotors had the black centers and the calipers have a fin block. Plus I think they would wave that flag for marketing purposes if it had Ice. My day dream bank certainly knows I have looked at this bike enough! ;)
  • 12-22-2012
    Hey Bushranger just from your pic of the revolver it has the ice tech xt brakes. Those are shimano new rotors and new brake levers I don't see the new ice tech brake pads though. I bought a bike this year got the new brakes and old brake pads. Its the actual brake pads that have those fins look on jeson usa and look at shimano brake pads, and those brakes are amazing with or without the ice tech fin brake pads.