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    Tire clearance on EMD 9


    So I bought an EMD 9 frame last fall and originally tried a Specialized Ground Control 2.3" tire in the back and it rubbed paint off of the left inside chain stay after 2-3 12mi. rides. I touched it up this spring and switched to a 2.1" tire, same model. I've notice I have rubbed the paint off again after 3-4 rides. I have custom built ArchEX's from an LBS and the wheel is centered between the chain stays when eyeballing it. I run 28-30 lbs. tubeless at about 210 lbs. geared up. What have other EMD owners been able to get away with in the back without rubbing? Do I question wheel build/flex?
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    QUESTION EVERYTHING!!! Really though, you should probably question more in life. Are you only rubbing paint off on one side with both tires? I would start with making sure everything is tight, QR, hub bearings, spokes. Don't tighten your spokes, just see if they feel tight.

    That will give you a little more direction.
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    Tire clearance on EMD 9

    I used to own a small EMD9 with Fulcrum Red Power XL wheels and 2.1 crossmarks in the rear and I used to have tire rub on both sides of the chainstays - this was when I still weighed 240lbs. Lots of wheel flex when mashing hard. When i went down to 180lbs the flex and rubbing went away :P

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    I run specialized ground control 2.2 and have no tire rub. My EMD is a large frame and I'm 245 kitted out.
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