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    Thinking about a retune on rear shock - Monarch / RIP9

    I have been thinking about getting the rear shock retuned when the rebuild is due. I have had the bike one year in May so will be coming due for the yearly service.. My RIP is a 2014 with the Monarch / Pike combo and I feel like I am blowing through the rear travel too easily. I weigh around 165 and set the rear shock a between 25 and 30% and the Pike is at 75psi as per recommended by RS. My pike does not have a sag meter on the side just the sticker on the lower fork leg. I lately feel like the rear shock needs more air. I find myself riding in the pedaling mode. I plan on putting a zip tie on the rear shock to mark the bottom out spot and then use the rubber ring to see how close I get to bottoming out. I have considered either the Debon air upgrade as I like how the pike rides or maybe sending in for a custom tune. It feels like the full open setting may be too soft or squatty (if that's a word). I would mostly like a more balanced feel rear shock to the Pike. Maybe I just need to go to a straight 25% sag? I know Niner recommends 30%.

    Thoughts suggestions?
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    I am interested in what you find out about this topic. Both the tune and the Debon Air.

    So blowing through your rear travel. I hear you on the 30% sag, but how much air pressure is in your shock? If I'm remembering correctly, I think I had 165psi which has me around 25-30% sag. I weigh in at just under 180. I'm definitely using more stroke on the rear than the Pike, but I don't know that I bottom out.

    How big are your hits? I think I ride pretty hard. Not afraid of a 3' jump / drop. I can't say that I've really been any higher than 4' landing on flat ground (although it feels like 10' ). Even then, I'm just above a bottom out.

    On my bike, I certainly get some rear shock movement as I push hard, but I don't get the sense that the movement is costing me power to the wheel, it's more of a weight transition movement... if that makes sense. Maybe the soft/squatty feel isn't really loosing you power?

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