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    Propedal position on RIP9

    Okay, stupid question. I hadn't used the Propedal on the rear shock of my 2012 RIP9 all fall/winter until I did a couple of street rides with the bad weather lately. Honestly, I can feel much difference in the rear shock between the two positions and I can't recall if I reset it when I can back home after each ride or not, so which way is on and off? I wish they'd mark the damn things!

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    Looking down at the shock when in riding position the off position is pointing left.
    If you ever forget just put the Propedal setting to #3 and try pushing down on the bike
    while switching the lever back and forth. It'll be very apparent.
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    Great! Thank you. That surprising was not covered in the Niner Encyclopedia!

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    It's on the Fox site, if you need a pic.

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