I just took delivery of a Niner MCR 9 from speedgoat and rode it this past Sunday for the first time.

(I rode my buddy's bike and loved it...so decided to buy one).

Anyways...the specs are slightly different from my bike and my buddys...he has the Reba XX (last year) and Stan's Arch Wheels w/ZTR hubs.

Mine has Reba RLT fork (2011 model) and Stan's Crest Wheels w/ZTR hubs.

I weigh 173lbs, 5'10 and ride singletrack in Michigan, nothing too technical.

So on my first ride everything feels very noodly....not at all like my buddy's bike....I think the fork is very similar, mine doesn't have remote lockout, but it shouldn't be any less stiff, etc...

So I'm thinking its the Crest wheels....are they noticeably more flexy than Arch? I understand they are handbuilt, speedgoat just gets them from Stans....

its pretty unnerving....anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

the recommended weight limit for Crests according to speedgoat is 180lbs, I'm under that, even all geared up....and I hear a lot of people weighing more than that are riding them....