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    MCR & AIR 9... anyone actually weigh a small?

    The rep from Niner said the MCR is 'little over a 1/2 lb more that the AIR.

    I'm looking a t a small. I'd like the compliant ride of the MCR but my weight sensitivity is right around a 1/2 pound. Wondering if any one would share an actual weight of the frame only.

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    It is at least a pound heavier. A large Air frame is 3.5 and a large MCR is about 5. I don't see the small size being that much less. Definitely not a half pound difference.
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    I think my small was 4.6 lbs before I built it up, but I am not 100 percent on that.... LOVE that Frame by the way... Getting that frame was the best thing that happened out of the whole JET recall.... Everytime I ride It I cant believe how much I love that Bike! More than my Jet frame I think.

    BTW, I bet if you called Niner they could give you the exact difference... They are usually really helpfult with these types of questions in my experience.

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