Green RDO with XX1

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  • 01-30-2013
    I have found the XX1 much better when you get that suprise pinch climb,


    Originally Posted by Rev. 14 View Post
    As I see the Next SL 2x10 crankset complete with BB is 55g's lighter than XX1; however, the biggest benefit that I contemplate is not so much saving the 55g's but in the speed of change:

    Someone said, and I couldn't have said it better, "Come to a bottom of a hill, fly around a corner: ‘Wow! Steep climb!’ Dump the front derailleur and you’re at least in the ball park (ready-quick-n-fast) for the climb."

    Do you people who ride 1x systems not miss that? How about the few who are on the XX1 groupset, do you miss it? This is my concern.

    Being that I am not the strongest of riders, my concern is shifting into the climb trying to get into that right gear while into the hill. I don't like shifting too much while in a climb, especially a steep one and putting a strain on this expensive groupo, then to have to get off and walk because I was not in the right gear.

  • 02-04-2013
    Subscribed... Building the same bike (sorta v1.1 closeout vanna white). XX1 is enroute.
  • 02-26-2013
    The bike is giving me lots of good fun ride time,

    I have now tryed 3 different forks in it.

    White brothers Loop

    Manitou Tower Pro

    & Rock Shox Reverlation.

    The bike has worked well with all of these forks but I'm Leaning towards the Reverlation as the 1 I like the most.

    I will update when I have more miles on it.
  • 02-26-2013

    Originally Posted by muzzanic View Post
    I went with a trigger shifter.

    My wife will ride my bike today to see what she thinks of the XX1, There are lots of places that we ride that it will really work for her.

    Not having to change down to granny ring on the front in a tech climb will be good.

    Muzz - did your wife like the XX1? What is/was she used to riding?
  • 02-26-2013

    Originally Posted by mike_mtn View Post
    Muzz - did your wife like the XX1? What is/was she used to riding?

    Yes she did like it,

    She misses not being able to see what gear she is in, but it wasn't a problem.

    Her Jet9 RDO is 2x10 sram X0 but the shifters are Double tap flat bar shifters & have the gear indicators on them.