• 05-20-2012
    EMD9 seatpost opinions - carbon or alloy?
    One of the last purchases needed to finish my build is a seatpost and I cant decide between carbon (likely Easton EC70) or alloy (likely Thompson Elite). I keep getting different opinions from folks about whether carbon will or will not actually help smooth the ride a little. Anyone here tried both in their EMD or just has a good opinion?

  • 05-21-2012
    I went from Thomson to carbon on mine. Made a huge difference. I used the lower end niner carbon post.
  • 05-21-2012
    thanks for reply.
  • 05-22-2012
    I've always been a fan of Thomson posts on my bikes, and the Masterpiece is lighter than the RDO seatpost. That being said, as posts have gotten bigger diameter (most my older bikes have 27.2, new bikes have 31.6) I think the stiffness is more evident.

    I've got a Thomson on my JET9 RDO, but its got plenty of comfort from the suspension. I'm building a ONE9 and thinking I'll go with the Niner post (not sure if standard or RDO) as I do think the carbon will give a little more comfort. I'll know in a week.