• 12-04-2012
    From EMD 9 Medium to Jet9 Small.
    Just pulled an impulse buy on this deal.
    Niner Jet 9 Rock Shox Sid RL Combo > Components > Frames > Mountain Bike frames | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop

    I've been riding the EMD9 Medium and I love the bike but always seemed a tad long for me at 5'8".

    Just picked it up from Jenson and got the Jet9 in small. Looks killer but it is small. Hope I like it! That is the thing about buying on impulse I didnt get to try one but at this kind of deal figured I can't go wrong.
  • 12-04-2012
    That's the best deal on a new Niner I have seen, your impulse steered you right. You would have been kicking yourself only if you passed although my wife 5'6" just bought a Jet9 RDO and went with a med. Personal preference and a shorter stem.
  • 12-09-2012
    When you are pretty close to being in-between sizes, you can't really go wrong either way since you can make small changes to fit like getting a longer stem. I am building up an emd medium and I am 5'6'. All my bikes are in the medium category but I have a larger upper body for my height, so a small feels cramped to me. I just make sure to get a shorter stem, cut seatpost way down, etc. Also, being a fs it may be better to go smaller so you can throw it around a bit more on tech terrain than a ht.
  • 12-10-2012
    PB Matrix
    OP, when you get that frame from Jenson, make sure the front derail mounting hole closest to the front of the frame is not stripped. I sent one back to them for this problem not to long ago.