Well I ended up with too many bikes, or to be specific too many off road hardtails. This left my beautiful raw Air 9 scandium hardly ridden and feeling a bit like an orphan stored under the house.

So I made a few changes. First it went on a diet. FSA 2x9 (27/40) carbon cranks replaced the XT triple and CB Eggbeater ti pedals went on. The Reba fork came off and was replaced with a white Niner carbon fork.

Then ebay stepped in with some second hand carbon rims on XTR hubs. The hubs are the same generation XTR as the dual control shifters and brakes on the bike already. (The FD and rapid rise RD are later generation XTR)

With a pair of the superb Vittoria Radonneur Hyper tyres in 700c x 35 and an Ultegra 12-25 9 spd cassette a new super commuter was born.

The 27 tooth chainring is actually redundant and for commuting the 40 tooth ring has so far proved a good compromise for speed and hill climbing.

On its first serious commute ride this week the bike felt very fast and more responsive in the steering than my SIR9 SS with the same fork. This could be the narrower bars on the Air 9 making it feel more responsive to steering input.

Untitled by ozynigma, on Flickr

Untitled by ozynigma, on Flickr