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    Air 9 RDO Cane Creek headset Q

    The FSA headset which come with the Air 9 RDO frame is a pain for me to overhaul.

    Since i am very happy with my Cane Creek 110 headset in my Jet 9 RDO i wanna replace the fsa headset with a Cane Creek 110.

    But if i am not wrong i only can get the bottom part of a Cane Creek 110.

    The only top part i find from the 110 series is IS41/28.6/H9/X.

    The Air 9 RDO needs IS42/28.6.

    So if i am not mistaken and i want a cane creek headset i need:

    - series 40 upperpart IS42/28.6/H9/X
    - series 110 lowerpart IS52/40/H1

    I am i right or wrong?

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    Yea...I'm curious too. I didn't pay attention to the tech info and ordered the same CC 110 that I'm using in my RIP 9, because I thought they were the same. Well...I thought wrong. So I sent it back, and now I'm just gonna roll with the KSA for now. I'll probably replace it down the road.

    From what little research I did, I couldn't seem to find a CC 110 combo for this bike...yet. That's not saying much though...

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    I dont have any thing to offer other then I don't think Niner has done them selves any favors by changing head set standerds so much.

    When looking for a head set for my Jet9 RDO. I started to get dizzy reading thru the Niner encyclopedia on head sets.

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    you iz spot on. CC choices for new integrated niner headtubes are 40 upper and lower or 40 upper and 110 lower.

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