• 09-22-2007
    Nicolai Ion ST - Setup Database
    Nicolai Ion ST owners please post your setups.

    Potential owners view, compare, drool & gain insight etc!

    Nicolai Linky

    Also "no flames please" you can do that on other posts or create a new one if you need to vent, let this be an information data base to assist not to attack or hinder. We can hopefully build a great source of valuable information.

    Post pictures of your build also......

    Riding terrain conditions:

    * Rider height, weight, ride style e.g XC, endurance,trail, hucker etc

    * Frame, Size, & Color:
    * Fork:
    * Shock, i2i, stroke
    * Brakes:
    * Cranks:
    * Shifter:
    * Rear Derailleur:
    * Pedals:
    * Stem:
    * Handlebar:
    * Seatpost:
    * Saddle:
    * Bottom Bracket:
    * Cassette:
    * Chain:
    * Headset:
    * Grips:
    * Front Tire:
    * Front Rim/ Spokes:
    * Front Hub/Skewer:
    * Rear Tire:
    * Rear Rim:
    * Rear Hub/Skewer:
    * Cables:
    * Misc:
    * Overall Weight:
  • 04-11-2008

    * note: Stem is now different from pictures, chain device has been rotated, grips are different, and Boxxers crowns have been raised :D

    Riding terrain conditions: Downhill, and off as many big, fast jumps as I can

    * Rider height, weight, ride style e.g XC, endurance,trail, hucker etc

    178cm, 12st 4lbs, dirt jumping, downhill, anything really, some XC

    * Frame, Size, & Color: Medium; Anodised Black and red finishing kit
    * Fork: 2007 Boxxer Teams
    * Shock: Fox DHX5
    * Brakes: Avid Juicy 7
    * Pedals: Funn Slowjam Vipers
    * Stem: Burgtec Boxxer Intergrated - 40mm
    * Handlebar: Truvativ Husselfelt 720mm low-rise
    * Seatpost: Thomson Elite
    * Saddle: THE DH
    * Chain: Sram
    * Headset: Nicoli Fet Set
    * Grips: ODI Ourys
    * Shitfer: Shimano Saint
    * Rear Mech: XT Shadow
    * BB/Chainset: Saint 170mm
    * Chain Device: E13 SRS with Black 36 tooth supercharger
    * Chainring: E-13 G-Ring - 36 tooth
    * Front Tire: Maxxis High Roller Super Tacky 2.5 / Mixxis Minion F 60a 2.5
    * Rear Tire: Maxxis Minion R 60a 2.5
    * Front Rim/ Spokes: Mavic 729
    * Front Hub/Skewer: Hope Pro II
    * Rear Rim/ Spokes: Mavic 729
    * Rear Hub: Hope Pro II
    * Cables: Cheap as chips!
  • 08-03-2008
    Height: 6'3.5, 83 Kg's, Bum of a rider

    * Frame, Size, & Color: Large, Raw
    * Fork: 08 Fox 40
    * Shock, i2i, stroke: RS Vivid
    * Brakes: Magura Louise
    * Cranks: Deity Vendetta
    * Shifter: XO
    * Rear Derailleur: XO Short Cage
    * Pedals: Time
    * Stem: Deity
    * Handlebar: Deity
    * Seatpost: Deity
    * Saddle: Fizik Zerk
    * Bottom Bracket: Deity
    * Cassette: Shimano Dura Ace 11 - 23
    * Chain: SRAM Hollowpin 990
    * Headset: Chris King Steelset
    * Grips: ODI Rogue
    * Front Tire: Maxxis Minion
    * Front Rim/ Spokes: Mavic EX823, DT Super Comp
    * Front Hub/Skewer: Hadley, 20mm
    * Rear Tire: Maxxis Minion
    * Rear Rim: Mavic EX823, DT Super Comp
    * Rear Hub/Skewer: Hadley, 12mm
    * Cables:
    * Misc:
    * Overall Weight: Have not weighed as yet...

  • 09-17-2008
    3 Attachment(s)
    Here's my spec (you've seen the bike in the 'Just put my order in....' thread. The number next to the item is its weight in grams, mostly taken from the Sicklines website. Total weight follows beneath the spec.

    My sepc - 6ft tall, 104kg / 230lbs
    Riding - DH race & recreation
    Colour is Metallic British Racing Green with a bright white rear

    Frame Nicolai Ion ST (large) 5200
    Fork Rock Shox World Cup 2816
    Headset Chris King Steel Set 230
    Front Brake Formula The One 259
    Rear Brake Formula The One 272
    Front Rotor Formula 200 181
    Rear Rotor Formula 200 181
    Rear Axle 12mm 112
    Rotor Bolts Formula 14
    Rim Mavic 823 1432
    Spokes DT Swiss D/B 234
    Front Hub Chris King 180
    Rear Hub Hadley 150mm/12mm 400
    Crank Arms Race Face Atlas 165mm 714
    Chain Guide e.13 SRS 250
    Chainring e.13 36t 51
    Tyres Maxxis High Rollers 2400
    Tubes Spesh Medium Weight 500
    Chain Sram PC991 302
    Pedals Burgtec 700
    Shock Fox DHX 5 420
    Spring Fox Ti 450
    Seatpost SDG 230
    Seat Collar Salsa 53
    Seat SDG Ultralite 145
    Rear Mech Shimano Saint 233
    Shifter Shimano XTR 112
    Cables Goodridge 80
    Shock Bolts Stock 140
    Cassette Dura Ace 11-23 160
    Stem Burgtec Direct Mount 196
    Handlebar Burgtec RW 270
    Grips Odi Ruffians 69
    BB Hope Stainless Steel 150

    Total Weight KG 19.136
    Weight LBS 42.0992
  • 09-17-2008
    Wow! Absolutely stunning. Nice build spec.
  • 09-18-2008
    Yeah nice build, but I'm wondering why your Ion is heavier than mine... My tubes are XC ones, and my pedals are really lighter (wellgo mg1), but I've got a 888, my spring isn't a Ti one, my brakes, stem, seatpost, crank are both heavier !
    Is the weight an estimation, or did you weight it ?
  • 09-18-2008
    No didn't weigh it at all. I just got the published weights for all the components. These were mostly taken from Sicklines so they should be pretty reliable. There are a couple of items that might not be 100% accurate, perhaps 500g out? The big discrepancy however could be in the frame. I have that down as 5.2kg with no shock. That is the figure published in the 2008 brochure/website. The new brochure is saying 4.1kg, which is a big difference. It may be that they have lightened it and stopped quoting with a shock, in which case you would lop 2lbs of the weight I have here.
  • 09-19-2008
    We've discussed this with Whafe, and the 4.1kg in the catalog has to be an error. Nothing seems to have to changed on the frame...
    Ooooh i've found why you've got the wrong weight, the frame is at 5.2kg WITH the Dhx coil and steel spring ....
    So your bike must be around 18.2 kilos, which is lighter than mine (18.6kg), so it's fine now !
    Anyway, you're gonna love this bike !
  • 09-19-2008
    Yeah I remember the thread but it's probably not a mistake, they're probably just quoting the frame weight minus the shock now, rather than including it. A DHX weighs 450g sans spring, so with a steel spring, it's going to weigh around a kilo, maybe a touch more. So, take that kilo off the original weight and you get to 4.1kg.

    I was thinking that mine didn't feel as though it weighed 42 lbs!
  • 11-23-2008
    my ion
  • 11-24-2008
    There are some lovely green Ions about these days, a sweet ride there my friend, any idea of the weight?
  • 11-24-2008

    Originally Posted by xMARTINx
    my ion

    Loving that; Very sweet bud :D
  • 11-24-2008
    What type of green is that? Green is definitely the way forward - way to go Martin!
  • 11-24-2008
    the coler called "british racing green",the weight is 19,6kg(43,211lbs),in 2009 comes the new boxxer wc,new saintcranks and other stuff on the bike,finally i hope for 18-18,5kg
    the ion ist a great ride,better than my old m-pire!
  • 11-24-2008
    Ah, good old BRG - I have mine also in BRG but it's the metallic version.
  • 11-24-2008
    Very sweet Ion !
  • 11-24-2008
    but you cant`t get the british racing green for your next nicolai because the producer of the color is gone!
    and i forget,this is ion no.8!!!one of the first productionframes
  • 11-24-2008
    I did wonder why the colour was not being shown on their website anymore. This is a shame because I was thinking of getting a Helius AM in the same Metallic BRG/White as my Ion.
  • 04-02-2009
    Some updates on my Ion :
    New brakes : Avid elixir R 203/203
    New fork : Boxxer WC
    New handlebar : Funn full on 750mm
    New tires : Maxxis Minion DH Front 2.5 42a and 60a
    Approximative weight : 18.1kg for now
    Comming soon :
    Titanium spring (already bought)
    New Shimano saint 09 cranks

    The lighter the bike becomes, the funnier to ride it is !!!

  • 04-03-2009
    The Saint cranks should knock another half kilo or so off the weight. What are the Elixir brakes like?
  • 04-03-2009
    I should win 300gr with the saint cranks (only 30gr heavier than the atlas FR), and 200gr with the Ti spring.
    The elixir are really good, same braking power as the formula the one, and a bit lighter ! Really better than my old juicy 7.
  • 04-20-2009

    about 20 kg

    Riding terrain conditions: french alps

    * Rider height, weight, ride style e.g XC, endurance,trail, hucker etc
    1m78, 88kg, dh and fr
    * Frame, Size, & Color: ion st size m, brilliant black with chrome stickers
    * Fork: 888 rc with BOS cartridge
    * Shock, i2i, stroke ccdb 222 mm x 70 mm
    * Brakes: magura louise fr
    * Cranks: fun
    * Shifter: shimano deore
    * Rear Derailleur: shimano 105
    * Pedals: brave machine "the killah"
    * Stem: danger boy integrated for 888
    * Handlebar: funn "full on"
    * Seatpost: funn
    * Saddle: ixs freeride
    * Bottom Bracket: funn dh
    * Cassette: shimano 105 (11/26)
    * Chain: shimano xt
    * Headset: accros ah07
    * Grips: odi lock on
    * Front Tire: michelin dh16 2.5"
    * Front Rim/ Spokes: mavic ex 521 / dt champion
    * Front Hub/Skewer: quad
    * Rear Tire: maxxis larsen tt wire super tacky 2.35
    * Rear Rim: mavic ex 521 / dt champion
    * Rear Hub/Skewer: quad
    * Cables: shimano
    * Misc: acerbis mud guard
    * Overall Weight: 20kg
  • 04-20-2009
    you're 2kg heavier than the others ? is it the fork ?
  • 04-20-2009
    maybe, the fun components are not very light too (especially the crankset and the seat post) and the rear hub (quad) is pretty heavy, the mudguard and freeride saddle (ixs) don't help to decrease overal weight.
    but the bike is really easy to handle, it never seems you have a so heavy bike when you ride it (so, I'm 90 kg completely nude and it sure relativized the weight of the bike too!)
    if you comes for the "portes du soleil" opening on the 6th of june, you'll try it ;)
    that's very different of the mpire you had (before the robbery during your vacation last year... ): I'm sure you'll love it... ;)

    edit: I've forgot, the bravemachine pedals are really heavy (more than 1 kg with the cromo axle...)
  • 04-20-2009
    woo, pas de problème, l'ouverture des PDS, je serai là ;)
    j'aurai mon UFO ST !
  • 04-20-2009
    cool! normally there will be a lot of nicolaï rider's for this week-end!
  • 04-20-2009
    Looks sweet tmseth, add in some action shots on the action shots thread....

  • 02-18-2010
    * 189cm, 78kg, allround DH/FR style
    * Frame, Size, & Color: IonST, L, raw + titanium grey ano parts
    * Fork: Boxxer Team 2010
    * Shock, Vivid + RCS Ti 450x2.75
    * Brakes: Formula The One "00/200
    * Cranks: Saint 175 + e13 36t
    * Shifter: X-9 Trigger
    * Rear Derailleur: X-9 MidCage
    * Pedals: NC-17 Sudpin SIII Pro
    * Stem: Sixpack Splitz direct mount
    * Handlebar: Sunline V-1 745mm
    * Seatpost: Thomson Elite
    * Saddle: Selle SLR T1
    * Bottom Bracket: Saint
    * Cassette: PG-990
    * Chain: PC-991 crossstep
    * Headset: Nukeproof (Reset coming)
    * Grips: LizardSkins Northshore
    * Front Tire: Schwalbe Muddy Mary UST
    * Front Rim/ Spokes: Deemax Ultimate
    * Rear Tire: Schwalbe Muddy Mary UST
    * Rear Rim: Deemax Ultimate
    * Misc: 77Designz Freesolo Chainguide + Bash
    * Overall Weight: 16,8kg (37lbs.) :eek:

    I can hardly wait for the damned snow to melt....
    Greetz from Germany
  • 02-18-2010
    Love it!
    Raw is such a lovley finish.

    Just don't let the salt from the roads get on it ;)
  • 02-18-2010
    roger that but at the moment thats a non issue, german highways agency ran out of salt weeks ago :D
  • 02-18-2010
    Sweet sweet looking ION, go the raw, thats 2 raw ION's now, love it..... Enjoy that bad girl...
  • 03-07-2010
    There was a cracking ION ST on Ebay a few weeks ago in the old team colours (White/yellow/black) buy it now for £3k full super high spec, i wonder who gotit - hopefully someone will post it on here eventually!
  • 03-07-2010
    Raschaa : Stunning ride dude enjoy that weapon!
  • 03-07-2010

    Originally Posted by derekr
    There was a cracking ION ST on Ebay a few weeks ago in the old team colours (White/yellow/black) buy it now for £3k full super high spec, i wonder who gotit - hopefully someone will post it on here eventually!

    derekr - what was the item no ?
  • 03-07-2010
    Nae sure dude, i did bookmark it @ work i'll check the morn and see if i can find it but it was an absolute cracker of a build, someone had spent an awful lot of dosh on it and was taking a pretty big hit on it!!! I'll Phone me the morrrow and remind me,
  • 03-21-2010
    Next ride yesterday with a ion st and ion gb2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfvcZFy0nYg

    To begin the week in action ;)
  • 04-07-2010
    Update time ;)

    Did the RAW routine on the Boxxer crowns and casting, swapped the top crown for a Hope with integrated stem, SLR-TT saddle, went down on the spring from 450 to 400 at 200mm setting. thinking of going for a solo-air cart to drop some more weight...

    exactly 16,5kg (36,38lbs)
    if you want to see the pics larger, click for new window and then click "großes Bild" below pic

  • 04-07-2010
    Dam that is a mean a s s ION ST, Love it......
  • 04-07-2010
    that was a quick reply :D
    thx Whafe
  • 04-17-2010
    a little video of ION ST & ION GB2 :thumbsup: http://vimeo.com/11006245
  • 04-19-2010
    Wow that is super light now for sure. How did you raw the crown?
  • 04-19-2010

    Originally Posted by cyril_88
    a little video of ION ST & ION GB2 :thumbsup: http://vimeo.com/11006245

    Super smooth rear shots - what cam did you use? Did you do any post processing to keep it so smooth?
  • 04-19-2010

    Originally Posted by Karve
    Super smooth rear shots - what cam did you use? Did you do any post processing to keep it so smooth?

    I use a HERO GOPRO HD, it's without any processing i just have a pre processing call ION GB2:thumbsup:

    I prepare the same video see by my friend who follow me, he have the same cam on his chest in the same run
  • 05-26-2010
  • 05-26-2010
    It's a beast. Did it come from Moonglu?
  • 05-26-2010
  • 05-27-2010

    Originally Posted by Karve
    Wow that is super light now for sure. How did you raw the crown?

    maybe I should call it a Ion SL :D

    crowns were chem stripped and then I "sanded/honed" them only in one direction with
    at 240 (sorry, don't know the english term...), then passivated them by cooking in dest. water for 2 hrs. which gave them a slight titanium shade of color.

    sorry about the delayed response, somehow don't get regular reply notifications... :confused:
  • 07-01-2010
    Just finished doing up the M-pire.

    Frame, Size, & Color: M-pire, M, Ral 3002
    * Fork: Fox 40
    * Shock: DHX 5
    * Brakes: Quad deuce DH 203 F+R
    * Cranks: Atlas FR
    * Shifter: XTR
    * Rear Derailleur: XTR
    * Pedals: Mallets
    * Stem: Gravity
    * Handlebar: Gravity
    * Seatpost: Thomson
    * Saddle: Selle Italia Ti
    * Bottom Bracket: Diablous
    * Cassette: Ultegra
    * Chain: 991
    * Headset: CK Steelset
    * Grips: Answer
    * Front Rim: DTswiss 6.1
    * Front Hub: Chris King
    * Rear Rim: DT swiss 6.1
    * Rear Hub: DT Swiss Hugi FR 165.
    * Cables: Goodridge
    * Overall Weight: A lot :)

  • 07-11-2010
    Uncle Cliffy
    Hey ION ST owners, I've read all the info I can from the website and this thread, but I was curious of a couple measurements in real life.

    What kind of BB height and head angle are you guys getting? I'm thinking about a large with a 888 EVO Ti.
  • 07-12-2010
    I have since sold my Ion as I am no longer able to use it, but I made these measurements of my own, which was a large.

    HA was measuring 63.5 degrees using the Clinometer app on my iPhone and BB was coming in at a shade under 14".

    At the kind of normal speeds most of us are riding, the HA might be deemed too slack.On very steep terrain, the bike was actually a little tricky to control. I think this fashion towards super slack HAs is being driven by what the Elite boys are capable of doing and it's just not realistic for the vast majority of us riding at maybe 50-70% of their pace. IMO of course.