Hi, I don't normally post on here but thought i would try here as it is a dedicated Nicolai forum,
I have a medium 2007/08 Nicolai Helius CC in Ano Black that I am thinking of selling. bought on a bit of a whim last year to try full sus.
The previous owner had just replaced all the pivots and had the shock serviced and i can say i have done about 40miles on it since i built it up, it is a very nice bike but unfortunately I think it is a size too small so is just sitting in my bedroom as a frame and forks gathering dust.

I would like to sell the frame, forks and possibly some other bits with it, (any advice on frame price is welcome), but not too sure on price as would depend on what bits went with it.
The forks are DT Swiss XMC 130's serviced last year.

Or swap the frame for a large one if anyone has a large and think they would prefer a medium!

here is a link to pics of the bike built up, and i can obviously supply a great deal more detailed pics if anyone is interested.


I know i do not post on here but i regularly post on singletrack, retrobike and ebay under the same user name and also bikeradar under the the user name Richen so please feel free to check feedback etc so you know i am legit, i live in Eastleigh and work in Winchester if you wanted to meet to look at the frame/forks other bits.
I am also happy to post the frame as well.

my email is:
and phone number is 07786634430 if you would like to chat as not on here too much.

any way thank you for looking, cheers